Raettyae Ousts Woods

Level 3: 100/200 (200)
Entries: 175/191

Rolf Woods jammed for 8,100 into a pot of a bit less after the 8 10 9 came on the flop and was called by Jari Pekka Raettyae from one seat over. Two other players saw the flop but opted to sit this one out after the action in front of them.

Rolf Woods: K Q
Jari Pekka Raettyae: A 9

"Oops," said Woods as he began to stand up from the table.

"You still have some outs," responded Raettyae.

Neither the 2 turn nor the 2 river saved the day for Woods and he was the latest player to lose his opening stack before the first break.

Jari Pekka Raettyae - 55,000
Rolf Woods - 0

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