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Rack up More Rewards With partypoker’s Boosted Hours Fastforward Games

Rack up More Rewards With partypoker’s Boosted Hours Fastforward Games

In an ideal Real Money Poker world for cash game players, there’d be no waiting around once we’ve folded for the rest of the players still involved to finish the hand and, moneywise, a special promo that adds welcome cash to our bankroll.   

The ever popular partypoker not only offers both of these player-friendly elements but, thanks to their ongoing Boosted Hours promotion, even throws in extra rewards.

Fastforward Poker: How It Works

The Fastforward format mirrors conventional cash games but features two very distinct differences:

  1. Instead of being seated at the same table hand after hand, you are part of a pool of players, moving around between multiple tables.
  2. The beauty of Fastforward that makes it ‘fast’ is the facility to fold out of turn and immediately be whisked off to a brand new hand at a brand new table! That means no more waiting around.

Fastforward tables are available for both Hold'em and Omaha cash games, so everyone can take advantage of this exciting format. Stakes are also indicative of this operator’s poker-for-all endeavours, starting at just $0.01/$0.02 and going up to $5/$10 - this bankroll-friendly wide-ranging choice of options is exactly how online poker should be.

Meanwhile, if you like trying to adopt the Edward Scissorhands multi-tabling approach, it’s possible to play up to six games simultaneously!

Increase Your Rewards With Boosted Hours

By now it might have already occurred to you that by being able to jump into a new hand as soon as you fold means you’ll play more hands per hour hour/session than in a conventional game which, in turn, increases the amount you receive via partypoker’s Cashback promotion. However, the saying that we ‘can’t have too much of a good thing’ isn’t always the case, because during so-called Boosted Hours you’ll be able to rack up even more cashback points, thus boosting your bankroll still further!

Furthermore, the more points you collect, the higher the cashback percentage you’ll receive. Note that your cash reward is paid directly into your partypoker account each Monday, and that Short Deck games are excluded from the promotion.

partypoker Boosted Hours in Sit and Go games.

Sit & Go fans can also make the most of Boosted Hours, which runs 24 hours per day, every day of the week. Note that in this case the promo applies to all $20+ Sit & Go games (N.B. Heads-Up games are excluded).

Incidentally, tournament afficionados are, of course, also very well catered for at partypoker in the form of a fantastic, varied, non-stop tournament schedule that has something for everyone. Go to our dedicated info section to find out more and check out the Best Online Poker Bonuses and Offers … have fun, good luck and enjoy the Boosted Hours!

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