Poker Video of the Week: Mustapha Kanit's Out-of-This-World Fold

Published On: 9 May 2016 / Modified: 13 December 2016
Created By: Rainer Vollmar

All men and women are born equal. It's just that some are high rollers, and the rest aren’t.

In the €100k Super High Roller event at the EPT Grand Final this year, Mustapha Kanit found a fold against eventual champion Ole Schemion that is out of this world.

Who, When, Where

We're looking in at the €100k Super High Roller at the EPT Grand Final in Monaco, one of the most expensive tournaments of the year. Forty-six entries originally started the tournament but now only six are left.

Everyone is in the money and has €378,000 secured. But the winner’s check is for €1.8 million and everybody is gunning for it.

As the pay jumps are now over €100k and will keep on growing, Stephen Chidwick has become the center of attention as he’s sitting there with only eight big blinds.


Schemion raises from early position and Igor Kurganov re-raises from the cut-off. It’s folded to Kanit, a serial winner at high roller events, in the small blind.

Kanit wakes up with queens and he cold 4-bets (that’s a re-raise without having been involved in the hand yet), showing that he has a very strong hand. In fact, it’s one of the top four starting hands in No-Limit Holdem.

The action goes back to Schemion who doesn’t hesitate long and ships in his 2m-chip stack. Watch the play unfold below:

The Incredible Fold

Kurganov folds and now we’re waiting for the showdown. Kanit has already invested 800,000 chips and only needs to put in another 1.2m to win a 3.3m pot.

But instead of throwing in a chip to call, the Italian goes into the tank. There are several obvious thoughts that he’s mulling over now.

Even if he loses this hand he’d have a sizeable stack. But the more important question for him is, 'which hands is Schemion playing this way?' In other words, what does Schemion’s range look like?

Even if Kanit thinks an adventurous player like Schemion would only have A-A, K-K, Q-Q, A-K and J-J in his range, a call is obligatory. But it looks like Kanit apparently thought Schemion’s range was even stronger than that.

Either that or Kanit has the perfect read on Schemion, so he does indeed find a fold. Then, of course, there's still the Chidwick factor, which might have tightened Schemion’s range even more.


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Harijus Rancas 2016-05-25 09:47:14

awesome fold



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