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Phil Galfond: “I’m Going to Give My Best Shot at a New Poker Site”

It appears that Phil Galfond is going to attempt to launch his own poker site.

Late last night Galfond posted what sounds like a company statement or mantra to RunItOnce.com.

The statement, titled “A Poker Site Should" listed the numerous ways that a poker site should value its players.

No details were given as to where Galfond’s purposed site would operate from or whether it would be independent or exist on another network but it seems like the former is more likely.

A New Direction for Galfond

There have been plenty of new ventures in poker over the last few years with GPL and Poker Central creating significant buzz but it’s been quite awhile since a new poker site was launched, especially one that wasn’t just a skin on an old network.

Phil Galfond IMG 4184

It sounds like Galfond wants to focus on creating a good balance between professional and recreational players. His post opens with the following passage:

"A poker site should value poker players.
It should value the casual player for the money he's willing to put on the line to play a game he loves. For choosing poker over other hobbies, and for choosing their site over other sites.
It should value the enthusiast and semi-professional for the liquidity they provide and for growing the game. For spreading the word, across different mediums, about their favorite site...

Galfond went on to list various attributes he wants the new site to emphasize including transparency, fairness and profitability.

It’s a daring time to launch a poker site as many sites are battling numbers that are trending down but Galfond wants to create a sustainable ecosystem regardless of the current economic online poker climate.

The statement finishes with a call to action.

“I want a fair, honest, transparent poker site that believes in the dream that I have lived.
I'm going to give it my best shot.”

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