Pazemeckas Shares His Path to a Big Stack

Level 9: 1,000/1,500 (1,500)
Entries: 113/205

Late registration is closed with the Day 1a field officially attracting a banner field of 205 entries! Gytis Pazemeckas and Roland Alakji both appear to be neck-and-neck for the chip lead with stacks approaching 300,000.

We approached Pazemeckas just after the break to both practice our Lithuanian and to get the story behind his success. He shared a hand that took place more than an hour ago.

Pazemeckas said he had king-three offsuit when he bet 6,000 with his two pair on the 3 K 5 flop. Two players called before a third player jammed for 20,000. Pazemeckas and the chip leader at the table at the time both called to see the 7 turn.

Pazemeckas jammed and was called by his opponent with K 10 , while the shorter stacked player that was all-in on the flop held A J .

Pazemeckas faded both players when a blank card he can't remember completed the board on the river.

Sėkmės (Good luck in Lithuanian) to Pazemeckas on the rest of his MPF Grand Event journey and ačiū (thank you) for sharing your path to early success.

Gytis Pazemeckas
Gytis Pazemeckas

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