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November High-Stakes Report: SanIker Crushes, Luneau Craters

After a lull in October the action was back on big time at the online high-stakes tables in November and it created big winners and big losers.

German player “SanIker” managed to turn a profit of over $1m, mainly playing Triple Draw, to lead all winners while France's Alex Luneau on the other hand had a very costly month.

Russian Alexander Kostritsyn also lost several hundred thousand, which is an unexpected turn after his spectacular year so far.

In fact Kostritsyn struggled so much in November he made the bottom five on both his PokerStars and Full Tilt accounts.

Alexandre alexonmoon Luneau Craters

Sebastien Sabic
Sebastien Sabic

London-based French player Alexandre Luneau had a great year of poker going in 2014 – until November that is.

He'd already won more than $2m and was one of the protagonists (the other being his former roommate Sebastien Seb86 Sabic) of the French poker documentary “Nosebleed," produced during the WSOP last summer.

The documentary received a lot of critical acclaim and turned out to be very popular among players, too.

But when the first week of November came, nothing went Luneau’s way. His first nemesis was Julius KagomeKagome Fleischer, who took a half million dollars off his bankroll. A few days later Luneau tried to get his money back but Cort Kibler-Melby also proved too big of an obstacle for him.

It took only three sessions for the Frenchman to lose even more than another half million. In the third week of November Luneau dropped more money here and there, amounting to another loss of $200k. Then, it seems, he gave up.

Just like Viktor Blom and Gus Hansen, who disappeared for most of the month, Luneau hasn’t been seen online for the last 10 days. Maybe he wants to keep the $500k profit he has left as the basis for a new start next year. Another upswing might be just around the corner.

SanIker Crushes

In poker things can go both ways quickly. For German player SanIker, things hadn't gone very well in 2014. Then it took only three days - Nov. 21-24 – to win back $1m.

That, of course makes him the dominating player of the month. November was also good enough for SanIker to make his way back to the plus side for his yearly balance. He stands at $300k profit now.

This, however, is far from the year-to-date take of Alexander Kostritsyn. On FullTilt he’s won $3.5m as PostFlopAction and on PokerStars he’s another half million up as joiso.

This is despite the fact Kostritsyn lost almost $1m in November. And who else would break the amazing run of Kostritsyn other than Phil Ivey?

Those two players are pretty much neck-and-neck for best live all-around player and best online all-around player, so it seems only fitting.

Biggest Pot of the Month

Ben Tollerene
Ben ""bttech86"" Tollerene

The two players just mentioned were also responsible for the two biggest pots in November. Both were played within the same session in heads-up PLO.

But as both pots ($257k and $234k) were split, as they dealt the turn and river twice, the honor of the biggest hand of the month goes to two other players.

On Nov. 21 Swedish-Bosnian player Denis Denoking Bahonjic and Ben Bttech86 Tollerene played heads-up $200/$400 NLHE.

The action started pre-flop. Bahonic raised it up and Tollerene responded with a 3-bet with $7k in the pot before the flop. It fell:      

Tollerene checked and Bahonjic bet $9k into the $7k pot. Bttech86 called. The turn was the  

and the pattern was repeated. Tollerene checked and then called a big $28k bet. The river was a rather harmless  

Again Tollerene checked and then called Denoking’s all-in bet of $50k. At showdown Denoking showed

for two pair. Tollerene could only muck his hand and the $171k pot went over to Bahonjic’s bankroll.

Biggest Winners in November

Phil Ivey
Polarizing his bankroll again.
  • SanIker, $+1,012,897
  • EireAbu$+640,710
  • Phil Polarizing Ivey, $+602,315
  • Vladimir GVOZDIKA55 Shemelev, $+454,775
  • bbvisbadforme, $+448,436

Biggest Losers in November

  • Alexandre alexonmoon Luneau, $-1,385,112
  • Alexander joiso Kostritsyn (PS)$-588,373
  • Alexander PostflopAction Kostritsyn (FT), $-384,445
  • AthaCliath, $-327,972
  • J B E Z 2 E Z, $-231,440

Biggest Winners in 2014

  • Alexander PostflopAction Kostritsyn: $+3,357,209
  • Dan jungleman12 Cates:$+2,806,158
  • Cort thecortster Kibler-Melby: $+2,441,276
  • Mikael punting-peddler Thuritz: $+2,333,556
  • Niklas Ragen70 Heinecker: $+1,773,557

Biggest Losers in 2014

  • Chun samrostan Lei Zhou:$-6,659,033
  • Gus Hansen:$-5,466,295
  • Phil Polarizing Ivey: $-1,905,438
  • Julius KagomeKagome Fleischer: $-1,916,118
  • Viktor Isildur1 Blom: $-1,395,340

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