Nikravan First on the Rail

Level 2: 100/200 (200)
Entries: 166/167

Davoud Nikravan was active during yesterday's Day 1a and was back at it again today with some aggression. Unfortunately, this led to Nikravan becoming the first player to the rail in a hand against Samuel Vaananen.

Vaananen and others at the table relayed how it all went down while we were watching a hand at another table across the room.

Nikravan opened for 1,100 before he called a three-bet by Vaananen to 2,200. Nikravan donk-bet for 5,000 on the king-queen-trey flop and Vaananen called. A ten followed on the turn and Vaananen made an untimely jam for 15,000. Vaananen made the easy call and the cards were turned over.

Davoud Nikravan - Ace-Seven
Samuel Vaananen - Jack-Nine

Vaananen held a straight and had Nikravan drawing dead. A five completed the board on the river and Nikravan was out of chips on his first bullet of the day and his fourth overall after firing the maximum of three bullets yesterday. We wish Nikravan better luck with his fifth try.

Samuel Vaanenen - 72,000
Davoud Nikravan - 50,000

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