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Schedule For The 2022 Festival in Bratislava is Set

Schedule For The 2022 Festival in Bratislava is Set

This October, The Festival in Bratislava will be the biggest stop of the Festival Series so far. The event will run from October 10-16 and the schedule for the second Festival stop this year was recently announced. Within the festival week, Bratislava will host 50 individual events and a Main Event with a €500,000 guarantee.

The Festival in Bratislava will take place at the Banco Casino in the heart of the Slovakian capital and will feature events with buy-ins ranging from €60 to €1,100.

Main Event with €500,000 Guarantee

Festival Bratislava Main Event

Let's take a look at the main attraction of The Festival in Bratislava, the Main Event with a buy-in of €550 and a guarantee of no less than half a million euros.

The Main Event will feature five starting flights from Tuesday, October 11 to Friday, October 14, with the last flight being a Turbo Flight. Players can re-enter twice per flight and during the first levels of Day 2 on Saturday. For the first time in the festival's history, Banco Casino is guaranteeing a prize pool of €500,000 and the tournament is expected to surpass 1,000 entries.

Blackjack, Roulette and Sports Betting Tournaments

The Festival Series is committed to not only offering poker tournaments but also spotlighting other casino events. So in addition to the Main Event and many other poker tournaments, three casino tournaments and sports betting tournaments will be on the schedule in Bratislava. There will be a Roulette and Blackjack Championship with several starting flights. There will also be the Matching Visions Slots Tournament and two Gambling Cabin Sports Betting Tournaments.

Side Events in Various Formats

Those who travel to Bratislava only to participate in the Main Event will miss out on a lot of fun offered by the side events of the festival series. The schedule is full of smaller and larger tournaments, offering a wealth of different variations and games to choose from.

These are some of the highlights of the Bratislava schedule:

  • €250 Sviten Special
  • €125 Win the Button
  • €125 8-Game
  • €1,100 PLO High Roller with €20,000 gtd.
  • €250 NLH Heads-Up
  • €250 HORSE
  • €1,100 NLH High Roller with €30,000 gtd.
  • €250 PLO Mix (4-card, 5-card and 6-card PLO)
  • €250 Open Face Chinese
  • €125 Festival Queens Ladies Tournament
  • €125 PLO / PLO8
  • €1,100 Open Face Chinese High Roller

In addition, the cash game tables at Banco Casino will be manned around the clock.

One can qualify for The Festival through many different online partners. Satellites will take place several days a week, and you can win complete packages with buy-in, accommodation and travel allowance.

Schedule for The Festival in Bratislava 2022

Here you can find the full schedule for The Festival in Bratislava 2022:

Schedule for The Festival in Bratislava 2022

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