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MyGame Whiz – Your Very Own Virtual Poker Coach at partypoker

MyGame Whiz – Your Very Own Virtual Poker Coach at partypoker

With online poker having become tougher over the years it’s imperative that we do what we can to stay ahead of the curve. Gone are the days of gut instinct and a gambler’s mentality (there really should never have been a place for such would-be ‘attributes’, in fact). Thanks to the impressively player-friendly partypoker you can take advantage of their innovative MyGame feature to improve your game.

MyGame: How It Works

‘Become the poker player you were born to be’ is how Partypoker puts it, and that’s exactly what MyGame Whiz helps you do. The MyGame bit is effectively a reporting and training tool based on clinically dissecting your play at the tables, while Whiz is what brings it to life!

Your friendly virtual personal poker coach, MyGame Whiz observes your actions and then gives you real-time tips and encouragement. (Note that MyGame Whiz is not yet available on Mobile – if you haven’t yet joined, simply download partypoker now and jump in to the desktop version).

Receive feedback on your most recent hands so that you can see where you might have better navigated your way through, folded, re-raised and so on. Hands from the last hour, up to two days old and from any time inbetween can be revisited and replayed!

Hands can be saved and shared complete with specifically tailored tips, and the more you play using MyGame Whiz, the better the advice. It’s the poker training gift that just keeps giving - yet you don’t have to pay a penny to use it. 

MyGame Report Card

Once you’ve played 100 hands you’ve earned your report card. This features missions and challenges to help by pinpointing and then addressing and strengthening your weak spots.

Using Game Theory Optimal strategy criteria, your skill level is determined based on five main categories, namely:

  • Key stats
  • Stealing & Blind Defence
  • 3- and 4- betting
  • Post-flop aggression
  • Showdowns

These categories are further broken down into 25 specific aspects of your play. Once your score for each overall category has been aggregated your total score corresponds to one of numerous levels: Rookie, Social, Intermediate, Solid, Advanced, Pro and Elite Pro.

Everyone on their personal poker quest could do with help and advice in one form or another, so make the most of MyGame Whiz... Meanwhile, there’s a host of Online Poker Bonuses and Offers to better boost your bankroll.

Have fun!

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