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  • Agris Noviks Leads Remaining 30 Players at The Festival in Tallinn

Agris Noviks Leads Remaining 30 Players at The Festival in Tallinn

Agris Noviks Leads Remaining 30 Players at The Festival in Tallinn

After four starting flights and two more levels of late registration the Main Event of The Festival in Tallinn attracted a total of 552 entries that are playing for €264,960.

The first two hours of the Main Event were busy as players had the option to re-enter and multiple players took advantage of that possibility. After two hours the re-entry closed and by then 552 entries were on the clock.

Peter Nordin Bubbles the Main Event

Oleksandra Shenderei
Oleksandra Shenderei

The first big task of the day was playing down to the money ranks with a total of 71 players earning at least a min-cash of €1,100. The bubble was a very short matter as two players were all-in in rapid succession before hand-for-hand-play could even start. First Unibet Qualifier Arkadiusz Liszewski busted and right after that, it was Peter Nordin who was all-in against Oleksandra Shenderei. Nordin had Q Q against Shenderei’s K K . The board didn’t improve Nordin’s hand as it fell A 10 4 2 J and as he left the tournament area all remaining players cheered as they were guaranteed a minimum payout of €1,100.

Oleksandra Shenderei was the last woman standing and will be the last woman returning to the main event tomorrow. She qualified for the tournament via WPT Global where she won a full package for the tournament including accommodation and hospitality package.

By the end of the day, just a tidy field of 30 players bagged chips with Agris Noviks having a substantial lead over the field with almost 1.6 million in chips. Other players with plenty of chips are Germany’s Sascha Manns, Sweden’s Kristoffer Winterstein, and Mikael Viggander.

Agris Noviks
Agris Noviks

Chip Counts After Day 2 of the Main Event

NameChipsBig Blinds
Agris Noviks1,595,00080
Sascha Manns1,175,00059
Kristoffer Winterstein960,00048
Mikael Viggander850,00043
Gregory Partridge785,00039
Alberigo Stellanello775,00039
Mikael Zackariasen770,00039
Jari Mähönen685,00034
Inigo Naveiro620,00031
Jeroen Aarts615,00031
Oleksandra Shenderei600,00030
Jere Keitaanranta595,00030
Jyri Merivirta585,00029
Pal Oygarden545,00027
Stefan Bittger510,00026
Vasilijs Aleksejenko505,00025
Eirik Kristiansen490,00025
Toivo Ojasoo445,00022
Ronny Albrigtsen410,00021
Juhana Leinonen410,00021
Eric Wasylenko390,00020
Rando Liiber350,00018
Vambo Laud325,00016
Peder Behr320,00016
Svante Nilsson300,00015
Torsti Kinnunen235,00012
Lars Eklund220,00011
Johan Palokangas205,00010
Kiu Jin Ha170,0009
Henri Wagner115,0006

Tomorrow's penultimate day will kick off at noon EEST with a goal to play down to the final table. Poker enthusiasts will not only be able to follow along with the action on The Festival Series blog but also be able to watch a feature table on TheFestivalOG Twitch channel with hole cards exposed starting at around 2:30 p.m. EEST.

Barring any deals, the winner will take home €56,100 with five players banking five-figure amounts.

Full Payouts for the Main Event

PlacePlayerPrize Money
31Maksim Petrov€1,730
32Thor Dahlbeck€1,730
33Tobias Napel€1,520
34Tihomir Yanev€1,520
35Anne Standal€1,520
36Jarkko Kuusisto€1,520
37Juho Heiska€1,520
38Lasse Laukkarinen€1,520
39Greger Larsson€1,520
40Jari Hurri€1,520
41Totti Lind€1,350
42Meelis Ahman€1,350
43Erki Andressoo€1,350
44Heikki Huhtala€1,350
45Juris Hlibovs€1,350
46Totti Matias Arosuo€1,350
47Edvin Ström€1,350
48Terje Sirnes€1,350
49Marlon Andrey Lopez Martinez€1,200
50Per Lindström€1,200
51Aleksandr Kuperman€1,200
52Madis Ormisson€1,200
53Massi Mirza€1,200
54Oskar Engvall€1,200
55Krzystof Budka€1,200
56Johan Alen€1,200
57Rune Hastrup€1,100
58Hanno Kerem€1,100
59Taago Tamm€1,100
60Oyvind Kildal Stangnes€1,100
61Alex Lianes€1,100
62Krystian Nalepka€1,100
63Phenporn Laatikainen€1,100
64Benny Hagberg€1,100
65Lars Hole€1,100
66Aleksiy Baranovskiy€1,100
67Jani Tuovinen€1,100
68Gregory Bregy€1,100
69Maria Ling€1,100
70Pyry Kekäläinen€1,100
71Teemu Kailasvuo€1,100

Side Events Galore

In addition to the Main Event, The Festival Tallinn also boasted tons of side events as well. The Blackjack and Roulette events concluded last night which were won by Marek Kotelnikov for €2,372 and Johan Palokangas for €1,548 respectively. Also ongoing on Friday were the €1,050 NLH High Roller as well as the first of two days of the €250 Pokerlistings Deepstack (over 250 entries), and the €330 Open Face Chinese (37 entries).

You can follow all the action over at TheFestival.com and read up on our daily recaps here.

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