Moreau Felts Papanikitas

Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 136/197

Giorgos Papanikitas checked before Jerome Moreau fired out 16,000 into a pot of around 20,000 with the 2 7 3 7 on the turn.

Papanikitas called before he jammed for about 20,000 after the 8 river completed the board. Moreau snap-called and Papanikitas seemed reluctant to show his hand. Eventually, he turned over A 3 and will need to re-enter if he wants a chance to bag chips for Day 2 via the Day 1a flight after Moreau turned over 10 7 for trip sevens to win the hand.

Jerome Moreau - 100,000
Giorgos Papanikitas - 0

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