Monster Stack Staffan Lind

Level 13: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)
Entries: 53/205

Staffan Lind (no relation to Totti Lind) appears to have the chip lead with 570,000 in chips. He already had a monster stack even before the following hand.

Nils Torp check-raised from 12,500 to 28,000 with the 5 K 7 8 on the board and about 40,000 in the pot and was called by Lind. Both players checked the A river. Torp turned over 8 6 for a pair of eights. This wasn't good enough as Lind managed to take down the hand with a pair of kings after turning over K J .

Staffan Lind - 570,000
Nils Torp - 100,000

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