Molenaar Stays Alive & Takes Chip Lead After Delivering Bad Beat to Sigurdsson

Level 31: 125,000/250,000 (250,000)
Entries: 4/1,271

We were nearly down to three players but Michel Molenaar had the Poker Gods on his side and we are still at four players.

The hand began with Leo Sigurdsson opening for 575,000 from under the gun. Michel Molenaar three-bet shoved for 6.6 million and Sigurdsson quickly made the call.

Michel Molenaar: A 3
Leo Sigurdsson: Q Q

The Dutch rail went wild after Molenaar paired his ace on the 7 5 4 A 10 board to double through Sigurdsson.

Instead of hitting the rail, Molenaar regained the chip lead with Sigurdsson not too far behind.

Michel Molenaar - 14 million
Leo Sigurdsson - 13 million

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