Molenaar Flushes Amsalem Out of the Main Event

Level 20: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)
Entries: 72/1,261

Yaron Amsalem bet 110,000 into a pot of approximately triple that after the J 2 10 came on the flop and was called by Michel Molenaar.

Amsalem fired out again for 115,000 after the 6 followed on the turn. Molenaar jammed over the top for heaps and Amsalem called off for about 350,000.

Yaron Amsalem: K 10
Michel Molenaar: J 4

Molenaar was ahead and eliminated Amsalem after he was unable to pull ahead on the 7 river.

Michel Molenaar - 2.4 million
Yaron Amsalem - 0

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