Mercieca Nails a Two Outer to Win Monster Pot Against Vanelderen

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 138/256

There was 80,000 in the pot with the K 5 J on the board when Soner Vanelderen three-bet jammed for more than 70,000. James Mercieca called and some banter followed.

"Shall we do one at a time?" asked Vanelderen.

"If you have a king, turn it over," replied Mercieca.

Vanelderen did show the king first before finally exposing he had A K . He was miles ahead with Mercieca subsequently turning over Q Q .

Mercieca got his miracle two outer after the Q spiked the turn but still had to sweat a four outs with Vanelderen having a slim chance of rivering Broadway. The A river completed the board to improve Vanelderen to top two pair. But this wasn't enough to beat a set of queens and Vanelderen was down to crumbs after suffering through a horrible bad beat.

James Mercieca - 200,000
Soner Vanelderen - 5,000

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