Matthew Staples Bubbles the Final Table

Level 25: 600K/1.2M (1.2M)
Entries: 9/450

Matthew Staples jammed the cutoff for 10.9 million and was called by Pawel Brzeski from the small blind. Stephen O'Dwyer jammed for heaps from the big blind and Brzeski folded.

Matthew Staples: A 4
Stephen O'Dwyer: A Q

Staples was behind but pulled out ahead after his four paired up on the 4 2 5 flop. The 5 paired the board on the turn and jaws dropped around the room after the A hit the river to give both players aces over fives. O'Dwyer's kicker was better and Staples bubbled the final table. Meanwhile, the pot allowed O'Dwyer to end the day as the chip leader with 70.4 million in chips.

Players are now bagging their stacks into tomorrow's final table.

Stay tuned for the final table chip counts, seat draw, and recap of Day 2.

Matthew Staples
Matthew Staples

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