Living the Dream: FPP Qualifier Bredthauer Makes EPT Grand Final FT

sebastian bredthauer 2
Sebastian Bredthauer

Twenty-three-year-old student Sebastian Bredthauer from Germany was just a kid with a dream this week, as Norman Chad would say.

That dream has come true, and now he's the talk of the biggest poker tournament in Europe.

Bredthauer used 100 FPPs for a Step 1 online satellite on PokerStars and made it all the way through – not only to the EPT Grand Final Main Event, but to the final table.

Bredthauer came to Monaco this week with his girlfriend. As he expected to bust early from the Main Event, they were going to take some vacation days on the Cote d’Azur.

Then, a “problem” arose. Bredthauer made it to Day 2 with 23k out of his original 30k stack. Then he went through to Day 3, as the third shortest stack.

Ole Schemion
German superstar Ole Schemion took notice of Bredthauer.

He had 35k to start Day 3, then magically found aces twice and quadrupled. That was enough to reach one of the 95 in-the-money spots.

From then on he climbed from one payment level to the next,until he himself couldn’t believe what was going on.

Schemion, Vogelsang Take Notice

When high rollers like Ole Schemion and Christoph Vogelsang take note of your story you know you must really be on to something.

Bredthauer’s incredible story started with a 100 FPP steps satellite on PokerStars.

He qualified for the 500 FPP Step 2, then went through to the 500 FPP, 1500 FPP, 5,000 FPP, 15,000 FPP, and eventually to Step 6, the €770 direct qualifier.

There were about 200 participants, eight of which received a full package for the EPT Grand Final. Bredti0808 became one of them.

He made every amateur’s dream come true.

“Last year, I won about €5,000 in poker," Bredthauer says. "I came second in an €8 tournament, and later I won an €11 tournament. The funny thing is, it also had 650 entrants.”

Vogelsang saw a chance to profit from Bredthauer’s unlikely success story. He went up to him and offered him a six-digit sum for a large share of Bredthauer’s eventual winnings.

Bredthauer humbly rejected the offer.

“I seriously thought about it. It’s not about the money, really. I had a long talk with my family, and at last we agreed that I should just do my thing.

"I’ve already achieved so much more than I expected. Also, I don’t want to feel bad if I bust too early for him to make a profit.”

Pole Position in Poker, Life

sebastian bredthauer 4
Sebastian Bredthauer

As if that wasn’t enough, Bredthauer not only has the chance to win the Main Event, he's also leading the Formula 1 driving simulation leaderboard (there's a simulator in Monte Carlo).

On the penultimate day of the challenge, Bredthauer is the guy to beat, posting 1:12:67 for one round around the track. (By the way the record in the real world is held by none other than Michael Schumacher, who needed 1:14:439.)

“I started doing racing simulations when I was six or seven years old, so I have a bit of experience. I have driven around this track four or five times for 10 years.”

Bredthauer says even if he wins the EPT Grand Final it doesn’t necessarily mean he will play the EPT main event in Barcelona this fall. After all, poker is just a hobby for him.

“If I make it to the heads-up here in Monte Carlo and win €765,000, I will play in Barcelona. If not, I will let this be a one-time thing in my life that I will cherish forever.

“Under no circumstances would I play the whole EPT series.”

The EPT Grand Final played down to a final table of eight earlier today. Bredthauer was still there, at the table, looking to jump at least one more payout level.

Catch the conclusion to Bredthauer's amazing story on a cards-up, one-hour delay right here on the EPT Live Stream starting at 2 pm CET tomorrow.

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