Lind Not Winning His Flips

Level 5: 300/600 (600)
Entries: 152/176

We noticed Totti Lind at a different table. Since he shared with us originally about his action table, we asked him whether he changed tables.

"I busted," shared Lind before recapping what happened.

On Level 4, Lind opened to 1,000. Davoud Nikravan, who has been aggressive every time we walked past the table, three-bet to 6,500. Lind four-bet jammed for around 35,000 and Nikravan called. Lind held king-queen and was unable to win a flip. Lind will likely miss that table with all of the action with Nikravan accumulating around 100,000 in chips and Karl Gialanze having even more with a stack of around 140,000. There are nearly two dozen tables in play, but it appears at least at the moment that Gialanze holds the chip lead.

Lind also shared how he lost some of his stack with his second bullet. Bruno Killian was getting a bit jammy with his short stack during a sequence of hands before he doubled through Lind with king-ten against queen-jack. However, Killian's good fortune was short-lived as his seat is now empty as well after losing his stack shortly after.

Karl Gialanze - 140,000
Davoud Nikravan - 100,000
Totti Lind - 35,000

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