Lind Five-Bet Jams with Eight-Four

Level 3: 200/300 (300)
Entries: 149/159

We caught up with Totti Lind at break and he shared with PokerListings a funny hand. Maybe it wasn't that funny for Karl Gialanze but he will likely look back and laugh at the hand as well.

According to Lind, Gialanze opened for 800 before Lind three-bet to 2,700. Two players called before some confusion came with Gialanze putting 3,700 into the pot.

Gialanze apparently thought this was the amount of the three-bet to call and he attempted to take back 1,000 from his bet. The floor was eventually called and it was correctly ruled that this was a raise as it was for more than 50% of Lind's raise. Gialanze was forced to put 5,500 in the pot and Lind five-bet jammed. Gialanze folded and wasn't too pleased after Lind turned over only eight-four. After the hand, Lind was on about 70,000 in chips.

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