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Liberland: A New European Tax Haven for Poker Players?

A brand new micronation created barely three weeks ago, Liberland hopes to officially become a country and attract inhabitants - and, maybe, poker players - driven primarily by a tax-free policy.

But can it really become a viable for displaced poker players?

This is the first question that arose on the poker forums when four Czech citizens decided to create their own country in a 7 sq. m. territory on the west bank of the Danube river between Croatia and Serbia.

The new country’s motto? “Zit a nechat zit," or live and let live.

A motto that will surely appeal to many poker players who are constrained by local legislation (if poker is even allowed in their country), who can’t play on international websites or who have to pay taxes so high it makes earning a living impossible.

Can Liberland Offer Poker Players What They Need?


Liberland President Vit Jedlicka

So: Can Liberland really offer poker players - or anyone - what they need?

Liberland (which would become a microstate if the UN decides to recognize it officially) is now one of 400 micronations in the world.

Some of these micronations are already located in the US, France and New Zealand as well as on the famous offshore platform of Sealand.

Making the jump to an officially recognized country, however, is another thing altogether.

International law requires a formal state to fulfill four criteria: a permanent population, an established territory, an effective government and the capacity to enter international relations

There are only about 30 officially recognized microstates, and it's not very likely to be in the cards for Liberland.

31-year-old President Vit Jelicka is, however, ambitious and determined. He wants Liberland to grow and join Monaco, Hong Kong or Liechtenstein in the microstate fraternity.

Already More than 250,000 Requests?

On its official website Liberland declares its aim is to become “a society where honest citizens can prosper without laws, regulations or inconvenient and inefficient taxes."


Already has a flag, a city plan and a boat.

Taxes will be optional in order to minimize the role of the State as much as possible. It has even already shared its city-planning project on its Facebook page.

“We believe we can set up the last state on the planet,” Jedlička said in a Fox News interview from last month. "We are taking the best parts of the American Revolution and the U.S. Constitution and applying it here.”

Liberland hopes to attract 5,000 new citizens and expects 30,000 naturalizations before the end of the year. It claims to have already received 250,000 requests for citizenship.

For now it’s hard to imagine that any casino would seriously consider settling in Liberland but it might still be an interesting alternative for a traveling online poker player.

While Czech and English will be the two official languages, Liberland will still have trouble attracting and keeping people as it would be the third smallest country in the world after Monaco and Vatican City.

project liberland

Already has a sports zone, too.

It will also still have to figure out the issue of Internet connection, which might not even be its biggest challenge to come as founder Jedlicka was arrested yesterday trying to re-enter the territory.

Be Respectful, and Don't Be a Neo-Nazi

If you’re still interested all you have to do is to fill in the online application form on its website, scan your ID and write a cover letter.

Among the other criteria for admission: never having been a Neo-Nazi, never having been condemned for a serious crime and, of course, be a respectful person.

A pretty large bank account likely wouldn't hurt, either.

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