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PokerListings.com has teamed up with PokerSnowie.com to offer our readers a chance to radically improve their poker games for free with PokerCoach, a brand new interactive training tool.

PokerCoach teaches Game Theory Optimal poker strategy, an approach that the experts at PokerSnowie say is guaranteed to make you a winning player.

Using sophisticated learning algorithms, PokerSnowie is an artificial intelligence that has played literally trillions of hands against itself. The AI has explored all possible situations and teaches students the ideal way to handle them all.

Amateur Uses PokerCoach to Final Table WPT Malta

Perhaps the most striking example of PokerCoacc's success is amateur poker player Zeljko Krizan.

Six months before entering the WPT main event in Malta, Krizan had never played a hand of poker

Zeljko Krizan
Zeljko Krizan

Krizan learned from PokerSnowie and used his knowledge to compete with some of the best poker players in the world, ultimately finishing fifth at WPT Malta for nearly $40,000.

“WPT Malta was my first live event ever,” said Krizan. “I played against Phil Helmuth, made the money, ended up on the final table, knocked out Tony G.

"It was a really special feeling. All thanks to the several months of coaching with PokerSnowie."

What Does PokerCoach Offer?

  • Hand History Analysis - Detailed gameplay stats plus optimal game theory advice
  • Pinpoints Errors - Identifies specific errors and shows exactly where to strengthen your game
  • Measurable Ways to Improve - Ranks your play by tools like error rate and equity loss
  • Situational Analysis - GTO advice on a move-by-move basis

More Reasons to Try PokerCoach

  • PokerSnowie's software is the first to successfully teach GTO in deep-stack multi-player No-Limit Holdem
  • PokerCoach's error-cost analysis shows you exactly how far away from optimal your play is
  • Knowing what optimal play looks like, even if you don't use it, lets you to better balance your exploitive plays
  • Gives you a toolbox of “standard” lines that are superior to your opponent's
  • Improving your core game doesn't just mean more money. It means more time, more focus and less effort expended per decision
  • Learning to think about optimal play and proper balance also helps you maximally exploit your opponents
  • Learn to play as well as it's theoretically possible to play regardless of your opponent's skill or the stakes

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