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  • Kings Of Tallinn 2024 Returns In February To Olympic Park Casino 

Kings Of Tallinn 2024 Returns In February To Olympic Park Casino 

Kings Of Tallinn 2024 Returns In February To Olympic Park Casino 

The biggest poker event in Northern Europe – Kings Of Tallinn 2024 will be played again, between February 23 - March 3, at the Hilton Olympic Park Casino! Everyone who was there for the KoT 2023 and the Summer Showdown, knows this is going to be an action-packed event full of top-tier poker entertainment. 

Last time, Kings Of Tallinn 2023 did not disappoint, offering an high variety of different poker tournaments; Texas Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha, Sviten Special / Drawmaha, 8-Game, 2-7 Triple Draw, and even Finnish 5 Card Stud Poker, which Finns call “Sökö, and OFC Pineapple.

Using last winters event as a guidepost, we can expect the Kings Of Tallinn 2024 schedule to be outstandingly diverse. Nearly 50 poker tournaments in around 10 days is a quite the party and players will surely welcome this vast selection. 

*Edit 30.11: Kings Of Tallinn Schedule is finally out, check the highlights and full schedule below!

Kings Of Tallinn 2024 Schedule Highlights

  • February 23. - 24. - €350 NLH Kings Of Tallinn Cup 
  • February 25. - 28. -  €555 NLH Kings Of Tallinn 2024 Championship 
  • February 27. - 28. - €1,100 Pot Limit Omaha Championship 
  • February 28. - March 3. - €1,100 NLH Kings Of Tallinn 2024 Main Event 
  • March 1. - 2. - €5,000 NLH High Roller 
  • March 2. - 3. - €3,000 NLH 

So, get nice and comfy in your gaming chair, because it’s time to warm up for one of the best poker events in the Northern Europe! 

Kings Of Tallinn 2024 full schedule at bottom of the page

Hilton Olympic Park Casino

What Did The Kings Of Tallinn 2023 Teach Us? 

Kings Of Tallinn 2023 offered players a well-rounded selection of poker action. The schedule was dominated by NLHE and PLO tournaments, and on top of these, the event hosted two Mixed Games tournaments - €350 Sviten Special (aka Drawmaha) and €350 8-Game. Other poker tournaments were - €250 2-7 Triple Draw, €120 Finnish 5 Card Stud Pot-Limit, and €350 Open-Face Chinese Pineapple

In a total of 53 tournaments, the number of players varied between 24 and 481, with most tournaments averaging around 150 players. Players came to play, which resulted in crazy numbers of re-entries in quite a few tournaments. 

€550 - €3,000 Buy-in “Main Events”, €50 - €300 Buy-in Side Events 

Buy-in levels from €150 to €350 offered lots of action throughout the event, and as a cherry on top, the official and the “unofficial main events” were: 

  • €1,100 Main Event 
  • €3,000 High Roller 
  • €550 No-Limit Hold’em Championship 
  • €1,100 Pot-Limit Omaha Championship. 

Out of the 53 tournaments, Finnish players managed to win 16, which tells us a little something about just how popular Kings Of Tallinn is over there.  

Surprisingly, one tournament they did not win, however, was the €125 Finnish Five Card Stud Pot Limit aka Sökö. US player Timothy Dallas managed to beat the Finns at their “own game” and bagged €2.800 for his efforts. 

In most of the KoT 2023 tournaments the prize pools ranged between about €8000 and €20,000. However, the schedule also offered tournaments with over €50K and €200K prize pools. The grandest prize pool, was the €500,000 GTD Kings Of Tallinn Main Event. In other “unofficial main events” the prize pools were: 

  • €3,000 High Roller - €218,456  
  • €1,100 Pot-Limit Omaha Championship: €69,560  
  • €550 No-Limit Hold’em Championship - €262,730 

Good Bounties & Deepstacks 

The Kings Of Tallinn 2023 event featured a total of eight Bounty tournaments, two of which were played in the popular Mystery Bounty format. 

The €150 GGPoker Flip&Go Mystery Bounty attracted 306 players, raising the final prize pool to over €18,000. When all the mysteries had unfolded, Keimo Suominen from Finland emerged on top and was awarded €4,130. 

The biggest winner, however, was Rainno Sootla, who, even though he ended up in 4th place, bagged the most money! This was thanks to the €5,000 Top Mystery Bounty and three other bounties he collected, bringing his total winnings from this tournament to €8,700. 

Kings Of Tallinn Deepstack tournaments were also highly popular. The first, €350 Deep Stack Kings Of Tallinn 2023 Opening Event, saw 181 participants, raising its total prize pool to €61,589. Another Deepstack tournament in the schedule was #37, the €350 Deep Stack, which saw 207 players battling it out for a total prize pool of €50,872. Kings Of Tallinn Deepstacks had some of the best Buy-in / GTD ratios during the event. 

Kings Of Tallinn 2023 Main Event Final Table

What To Expect From The Kings Of Tallinn 2024? 

Next February, the biggest live poker event in Northern Europe, the Kings Of Tallinn 2024, will gather players from around the world to play poker in the luxurious Hilton Tallinn Olympic Park Casino. Considering the popularity of the last event and the Summer Showdown, one could argue that we are witnessing a new poker boom that is about to go into high gear in Europe. 

Award-winning live poker event guru and tournament director Teresa Nousiainen, who is also all over the Kings Of Tallinn 2024, is known for her player-oriented style. Every time a new event is planned, the wishes and feedback from the players are always part of the equation. 

As Kings Of Tallinn 2024 approaches, Olybet is yet to publish the official dates for this event. However, we know it will be held in February, most likely at the end of the month. 

This being said, some info is already out there, and when we consider what the Kings Of Tallinn 2023 taught us, we can say something about what to expect from Kings Of Tallinn 2024. 

Prize Pools Get Bigger, But So Does The Buy-ins! 

According to our intel, Kings Of Tallinn 2024 raised buy-ins in some of their tournaments. Rising popularity demands bigger prize pools, and these can now be found in the High Roller and PLO Championship tournaments. The buy-in for the High Roller goes from €3,000 to €5,000, and the unofficial Omaha Main Event is now the €3,000 PLO Championship. So, the buy-in went up by €2,000 in both cases. 

Will any other poker tournaments get the boost? Mystery Bounties have been very popular, so I would not be surprised if Kings Of Tallinn 2024 schemed something for these also. Just a wild guess though. 

€500,000 GTD Kings Of Tallinn Main Event + Other Big Ones 

If the event keeps rising in popularity, Kings Of Tallinn 2024 Main Event will see over 500 unique players. The Main Event prize pool will most likely remain the same at €500,000 GTD, and so will the tournament structure, for most part, at least. 

How long will the party last this time? I would say around 10 days, and if nothing drastic happens, there will be around 50 tournaments, more or less. 

Smaller tournaments offer prize pools between €10,000 and €20,000, and then there is a handful of more high-value tournaments where prize pools go over €50,000, €100,000, and €200,000. 

Also, players would probably be disappointed if Kings Of Tallinn 2024 did not host the team tournament, which is almost like a tradition at this point. 

Poker Action For The Mixed Games People 

Mixed Games are very popular in Northern Europe. They combine multiple different poker games in one tournament. To be good in multiple poker games demands some skill, which is why the best Mixed Games players are highly respected in the poker community.  

So, what would Kings Of Tallinn 2024 be without the true poker specialists battling it out in the tournaments Sviten Special/Drawmaha and 8-Game, like last time? What is certain is that Teresa Nousiainen does know how to set up a Mixed Games poker tournament. 

Experience the Best Poker Tournaments in Tallinn This February 

Kings Of Tallinn 2024 will most likely still be the biggest poker event in Northern Europe next year. If you want to experience it, now is the time to get the wheels turning. Olybet hosts multiple qualifiers and satellites where you can win your spot! 

Stay tuned for more info about the Kings Of Tallinn 2024. Till then, stay swifty and good luck! 

Photo credits to Elena Kask

Kings Of Tallinn 2024 Full Schedule

Kings Of Tallinn 2024 schedule February 23.
Kings Of Tallinn 2024 schedule February 24.
Kings Of Tallinn 2024 schedule February 25.
Kings Of Tallinn 2024 schedule February 26.
Kings Of Tallinn 2024 schedule February 27.
Kings Of Tallinn 2024 schedule February 28.
Kings Of Tallinn 2024 schedule March 1.
Kings Of Tallinn 2024 schedule March 2.
Kings Of Tallinn 2024 schedule March 3.
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