Kevmath in the House!

We earlier mentioned a hand by Roland Boothby, an industry insider working for The Hendon Mob that cares about the players. Another hero just arrived in The Hendon Mob's Kevin Mathers, better known on Twitter as simply Kevmath.

For well over a decade, Kevmath has provided tons of updates about events taking place mostly in the USA. Even this journalist goes to his Twitter over the years for some breaking news and it was a pleasure to see him after meeting him more than a decade ago.

It picks up a notch for Kevmath during the WSOP where he takes control of their Twitter account and is known as the WSOP Twitter Czar.

Although we will likely not see Kevmath in the Grand Event, our hero will be playing the two-day The Hendon Mob €230 Championship on Oct. 28-29. We wish Kevmath the best of luck when he gets on the tables. For now, it is his first time in Malta so he is exploring the casino with his colleagues and will find time to explore the island after The Hendon Mob Championship.

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