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JackPoker Established: 2021
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Who doesn't like it? A breath of fresh air through the many poker providers available! JackPoker is a web-based poker website, which also offers online casino games, and is available in many different countries. Specifically focused on cash game players and primarily players who reside in Brazil and Canada, they already have managed to build up a steady players pool. With their great welcome bonus and rake back system, it is a real pleasure for any type of real money player to start playing here and certain to say that they have great potentials. Tournaments? Don't worry, these are also plentiful multi-tabling opportunities available.

About JackPoker 

JackPoker in a nutshell

JackPoker is a new player in the field of online poker providers. This provider, owned by Jack Entertainment N.B, started in 2021 under a license from the Curacao Gambling Authorities and they also offer a big horde of casino games in addition to poker. Some advantages are that accessibility of the software, thanks to their web-based software that can be consulted from any device. Another selling point is the possibility to deposit funds with bitcoin. 

At the beginning of their existence, JackPoker worked with Asian applications to provide their services. They recently changed this by launching their own web-based software to create more global exposure. 

It is important for players to know that JackPoker is allowed to offer its services almost anywhere in the world, such as countries such as Germany, Canada, Brazil and more. Be aware, there are countries that have their own laws regarding the provision of online games. 

Excluded countries: Austria, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, France, Netherlands, Saba, Saint Martin, Singapore, Belize, USA, Myanmar, Iran, North Korea.

JackPoker Welcome Lootbox

Do you like surprises? Of course you do, and clearly, so does JackPoker. With JackPoker's Welcome Lootbox, you can get up to 1000% instant cash bonus on your first deposit, JackSpins/Bonus Bonanza tickets, 25% rakeback (50% if you register via PokerListings) and free spins for JackCasino, the online casino arm of JackPoker.

But there is a trick. How big the bonus you receive is up to you and lady luck when you play the JackPoker Welcome Lootbox "minigame".

Here's how the JackPoker Welcome Lootbox minigame works:

  1. Go to JackPoker and register (via our links so you get 50% rakeback).
  2. Play the minigame and hit up to 3 Jacks to upgrade your bonus.
  3. Make a first deposit and claim your boosted Welcome Lootbox bonuses.

Is it worth it? You tell me because you can win up to a 1000% instacash, $500 JackSpin/Bonus Bonanza tickets, and 300 free spins on JackCasino. The best thing is you can claim the bonus money all instantly.

The bonus money received can only be used in cash games. For every $20 rake you get $5 to your JackPoker real money balance.

JackPoker Welcome Quest For New Players

JackPoker Quests or Welcome Quests is an ongoing promotion of the online poker site. Players are given rewards when completing certain quests. A $20 or more deposit made at JackPoker gives the players the right to access different quests that offer attractive prizes, freebies, and bonuses. The quests are divided into three deposit levels, depending on the amount of money deposited. 

Players who deposit $20 to $99.99 will unlock the Silver Quests and receive rewards worth $22. There is also a Flipout ticket with a prize pool of $7,000 and free spins in Gates of Olympus slot. 

Gates of Olympus is an online slot game with high volatility. As the game title suggests, it has a Greek theme, beautiful graphics, and attractive features, such as ante bet, tumble feature, multipliers, and free spins. Moreover, the game offers up to 5,000x the stake max win potential. 

The Gold Quest is activated when a $100 to $499.99 deposit is made. This quest also comes with a $140 reward. In addition, a Flipout ticket will be given with a prize pool of $15,000 and 150 free spins in the slot game Gates of Olympus. 

When players deposit $500 or more, they can access the highly exciting Supernova Quests. This JackPoker quest rewards $635 and a Flipout ticket with a prize pool of $30,000 and 150 free spins in Demi-Gods slot. 

Like Gates of Olympus, Demi-Gods is an online slot game with low volatility and a chance to win 120x the stake. 

The JackPoker Quests last for 14 days, starting from the day that the deposit is made. Eight quests are set for each level, and you will test your poker skills. 

JackPoker VIP - Deposit $100 And Try VIP Benefits For 2 Weeks!

  • Personal support & account manager 
  • Exclusive quests, bonuses, and rewards 
  • Invite-only table games 
  • Access to special freeroll and tournaments  
  • Deposit $100 and try VIP benefits for 2 weeks 

You can become a VIP player at JackPoker through the Jack VIP program! The benefits of being a VIP member are many. You will have the opportunity to receive better support with a personal manager. Also, you will be able to play in exclusive table games, receive unique bonuses and rewards, and be granted access to the special club freerolls and tournaments.

You cannot apply to become a VIP member yourself at JackPoker since it’s through invites only which is based on your playing activity. The more you play, the higher the chances you’ll get an invite to the Jack VIP program.

Luckily, you can you try JackPoker VIP benefits for 2 weeks by depositing $100 or more. 

Other Poker Promotions 

Leader Hat  

JackPoker Leader Hat

This amazing feature is activated as of the 15th hand dealt in a poker tournament. There are different hats to be won, and you have multiple hats at the same time. It can even be that there are multiple winners in the same tournament. The one who is winning, collects tournament tickets for their efforts.  

- Knockout leader hat: The player who knocks out the most players, is getting the Knockout leader hat. 

- Chip leader hat: The player who is dealt the most hands as chipleader of the tournament, wins. 

  • For more info, check the JackPoker website. 
JackPoker Daily Flipouts

Daily Jack Flipouts

Every deposit is being rewarded at JackPoker with a chance to take participation in Daily Jack Flipouts with a guaranteed prize pool of $1.000 all the way up to $10.000 

JackPoker Monte Carlo Jackpot 

Every day, at all No-Limit Hold’em Cash Games there is a chance to win the JackPoker Monte Carlo Jackpot. The jackpot is reserved for VIP players and awarded to the player who showed the strongest combination of cards from three-of-a-kind at the showdown. To be eligible for this jackpot, you need to use both of the hole cards to be able to make such a combination. Currently the jackpot is closing in on a whopping $1.000.000!Here are the rewards per hand strength: 

JackPoker Monte Carlo Jackpot
  • Three-of-a-kind: 1-2 big blinds of the table 
  • Straight: 2-3 big blinds of the table 
  • Flush: 4-5 big blinds of the table (PLO5 1.2-1.6 big blinds)
  • Full-House: 6-8 big blinds of the table (PLO5 2-2.5 big blinds)
  • Four-of-a-kind: 17-20 big blinds of the table (PLO5 5-6 big blinds)
  • Straight flush: 25-30 big blinds of the table (PLO5 9-10 big blinds)
  • Royal flush: 60-70 big blinds of the table (PLO5 20-22 big blinds)

JackPoker Tournaments & Cash Games 

It should come as no surprise that No-Limit Hold'em is the preeminent poker game on JackPoker, as it is still the most widely offered variant of poker worldwide. Of course there are also Omaha options, but they don't compete with the overall range of Hold'em games. 

Cash Games 

JackPoker is mainly focused on Cash Games and that is also reflected in the assortment of online poker games. There is plenty of action throughout the day to keep you entertained at the cash game tables. With blinds as low as $0.05/$0.1, it quickly expands to limits as high as $5/$10. Each limit has a minimum buy-in of 50x the big blind and a maximum buy-in of 100x the big blind. Available variants are No-Limit Hold'em, Pot-Limit Omaha, and Pot-Limit 5-card Omaha. 


Throughout the day there are tons of tournaments for you to hit. But the creme-de-la-creme is always on Sunday, of course. With very affordable buy-ins and nice guaranteed prize pools it is for tournament players a real nice selection of games. We list the Sunday tournaments for you: 

Sunday Jack Hunter 10 – With only a $10 buy-in this tournament is a real pleasure to play. With a $2.000 guaranteed prize pool is to say that this is one of the biggest fields in general. At the start you will receive 15.000 chips and the blinds will last 7 minutes each level. The buy-in consists out of the following: $4 (Prize Pool) + $1 (Fee) + $5 (Progressive Bounty).  

Sunday Jack 24 – This $24 buy-in tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $5.000 and is very popular on JackPoker. Again, an affordable buy-in for every sorts of players. With a 20.000 starting stack, and 8-minute blind levels, there is enough space to do some damage! The buy-in consists out of the following: $21,60 (Prize Pool) + $2,40 (Fee). 

Sunday Big Jack Special – One of the flagship tournaments of JackPoker. With a $77 buy-in and a guaranteed prize pool of $8.000, it has the biggest guarantee of all daily/weekly tournaments available. The very deep stacked structure gives you a 100.000 starting stack and it has 8-minute blind levels. The buy-in consists out of the following: $69,30 (Prize Pool) + $7,70 (Fee). 

Sunday Mini Jack 7 – As the special edition might be a bit out of your buy-in range, there is also a mini version of it available. With $2.000 guaranteed it has to be said that the field size will be immense. 10.000 Starting chips and 7-minute blind levels there is enough space to make mountains. The buy-in consists out of the following: $6,30 (Prize Pool) + $0,70 (Fee).  

Sunday Big Jack High Roller – The big one, the notorious one, the Big Jack High Roller is for players with deep pockets. With a buy-in of $200 and a guaranteed prize pool of $6.000, it has the same structure as the Big Jack Special. 100.000 Starting chips and 8-minute blind levels. The buy-in consists out of the following: $184 (Prize Pool) + $16 (Fee).  

* In all these tournaments it is possible to re-enter during the late registration period. Only the High Roller is being player as Freeze Out.  

Poker Software & User Experience 

JackPoker is making use of a web-based software, which also can be downloaded as an application. Due to this, you can access the poker client from any kind of device, wherever you are. Beforehand, they were using Asian apps to offer their services, but clearly they switched a button one day as they saw the software needed a boost. In our opinion, the software is of an unprecedented good level. Because they use a web-based client, which can also be downloaded as an app, it is a very accessible client. In addition, the software functions really smoothly, it gives a unique dimension to online poker as where it stands today.  

Of course, it takes some getting used to playing with other software, but we can assure you that you will soon get used to it. The lobby is clear and compact, mostly due to the limited game offers compared to other providers, but it is just so much clearer. The tournament lobby is very easy to consult and it really has everything in it. The animations and sounds are also very enjoyable and entertaining. It cannot be said enough, that software for a poker provider is super important, but JackPoker has done their homework. Fair Play! 

JackPoker poker table.
JackPoker. Multiple tables.

Poker Network & Traffic 

JackPoker has only started existence since 2021. Today, there are so many poker clients on the market that it is bursting with competition. GGPoker is currently THE market leader when it comes to player traffic, but you've seen other big players lose a lot of ground lately. And this only benefits operators like JackPoker. A provider that is in principle allowed to offer its games anywhere in the world, and that, above all, is working very hard on the road to success. With 1700 players on average during peak hours, and 1000 during off-peak hours, it is certainly ok in terms of player traffic. 

Of course, JackPoker mainly focuses on the South American market and Canada, so these are immediately big fish in the pond of online poker. They are trying to expand their reach, and so far they are succeeding quite well. 

JackPoker Mobile App 

The mobile app can be downloaded through the Android store, unfortunately for iOS users, this is not available yet. But that doesn’t mean iOS users cannot player at all. In the contrary, they can always make use of the web-based version, which is available for any kind of device in the world as long as it’s connected to the network.  

Both of these methods, are very easy in use. And look practically the same. It is easy to add more games during your sessions, and you can play multiple games at the same time. However, it might be a bit limited of you are a real grinder playing 16 tables at the same time. The mobile app still deserves a big plus from us.  

JackPoker Registration Process 

To open an account on any poker site is very easy to handle, but to set up your account in a way that you do not miss out on any kind of promotions, is sometimes a bit hard as they make go on the hunt for it. At JackPoker its very simple in general, as you only need to register and deposit, and everything will be taken care of by JackPoker.  

How to open your JackPoker account? 

We have created a step-by-step procedure for you which assists you to register your account in an accurate manner and to be able to claim the unique poker welcome bonus.  

  • Step 1 - Go through our website to be able to start the JackPoker Poker registration process. Our link will guide you directly where you need to be. Once on the website of JackPoker, click on the button to register your account.  
  • Step 2 - Once you have done that, come up with a unique nickname, password and enter your email in the given fields.
  • Step 3 - When that's over with, you'll be directly redirected to the poker room. Once there, all you need to do is specify the country from which you’re playing!

Poker Games at JackPoker 

The range may be scarce on JackPoker, but it is above all very pleasant because it is so incredibly well-arranged. The games most players are looking for are here. And the difference in stakes is so far ok, so that players of all levels can get their money's worth. There are providers who may offer a larger number of games, but be honest, isn't an overview very user-friendly? 

Tournaments – Available in No-Limit Hold’em only. Unfortunately, no Omaha is being offered for tournaments. Despite that, it does offer games 24/7 and in all sorts of buy-in levels. The flagship tournaments are taken place on sundays, as per standard. 

Cash Games – JackPoker is mainly focused on Cash Games. And you can see that in their game offer as well. No-Limit Hold’em, PL Omaha and PL 5-card Omaha are available with stakes as low as $0.05/$0.1 all the way up to $5/$10. With minimum/maximum buy-ins of 50x/100x. The available tables are NL, PLO, PLO5C, AoF 6max, and the newly added NL 8 max. Be aware, not all tables are eligible for the Monte Carlo Jackpot! 

Luck Or Muck – This Hold’em variant is available on different buy-in levels. Basically, you either fold or move all-in. Every player needs to hand in a default amount before the hand even starts. Then it gets decided who will become dealer button, by high card. With usual small and big blind, it’s then up to the players to either move all-in or fold. A very interesting game, full of action.  

JackSpins – This format cannot be missed anymore when it comes to poker. Introduced a several years ago, these 3-player games are a true favorite for the mobile-app player, as well as to work on your short-handed play. With several levels as of $1 all the way up to $100, there is plenty to spin for. The biggest buy-in has a jackpot of $1.000.000! 

 10,000    1   
 100    100   
 50    500   
 25    1,200   
 10    5,500   
 5    85,311   
 3    416,225   
 2    491,163   

* Unfortunately there are no Sit ‘n Go games available.

Payment Methods

There are dozens of payment methods available at JackPoker, but the main method has to be Bitcoin. With all sorts of crypto it is possible to deposit your funds into your poker account. In addition, Visa and Mastercard have now become available for first time depositors at Jack Poker!

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods: JackEasyPay, CoinsPaid, Interac, Paybrokers, Visa, Mastercard, Pix, Bank Transfer, MuchBetter, Boleto, Skrill, and Luxon Pay

Jackpoker Deposit options.
Jackpoker cashout options.

Customer Support 

The customer support team of JackPoker is available on Mail, Facebook, Telegram, and even WhatsApp. With their 24/7 support option, you will be assisted with all your questions/queries at any given time. You will find the support button in the main lobby, all the way at the right bottom side. Or you can go through the settings and press the option ‘Contact Us’. In general, the support is extremely kind and helpful, which is directly in line with the JackPoker ambitions.  

Email: [email protected]  

Responsible Gambling Features 

There is not much to be found at the lobby in terms of responsible gambling features to be honest with you. However, on their website there is a page full of making players aware of responsible gambling features such as setting limits, freezing accounts, or players who need any sort of assistance to help with addiction. For more information, you can either visit their website, or contact them via E-Mail: [email protected] 

Our JackPoker Rating 

JackPoker has really surprised us in terms of organizational and software related aspects. The smoothness and reliability of its software is truly one-of-a-kind. Above all expectations, we tested their poker client inside out, and we are extremely pleased with the outcome. It might be a downside that different games are limited, but look it from the bright side. There is a much better overview of what selections are available for players. And if you consider their web-based poker client, it is really top notch.

JackPoker FAQs

  • Is JackPoker legit?

    Yes, they are operating with a license from Curacao Gambling Authorities. Everywhere over the world they are allowed to offer their games, unless countries prohibit certain poker websites. Some countries where JackPoker is not allowed: Austria, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, France, Netherlands, Saba, Saint Martin, Singapore, Belize, USA, Myanmar, Iran, North Korea.
  • What is the JackPoker poker welcome bonus?

    The welcome bonus consists out of a matching bonus of 50%, up to $3000. On top of that you will have a rakeback system of 25% up to 300% of the first deposited sum with no cap and 150 Free Casino Spins to make use of. An incredible welcome bonus, which is in place as there is no VIP program.
  • How big are the player fields on JackPoker?

    The player fields are to call fairly decent at JackPoker. With around 1700 players in peak hours, and 1000 players in non-peak hours, it is easy to say that they are doing just fine when it comes to player fields.
  • How do I withdraw money on JackPoker?

    With all possible methods of which you can make deposits with, you can also cash out money from your poker account. Examples are: JackEasyPay, CoinsPaid, Interac, Paybrokers, Visa, Mastercard, Pix, Bank Transfer, MuchBetter, Boleto.