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Jack Salter on Breakout Player Award: “Hopefully I’ve Got a Chance”

Many believe that poker is as tough as it’s ever been but that’s hasn’t kept players like Jack Salter from bursting onto the scene and subsequently tearing up the live circuit.

The London native was originally an online specialist but won a random live tournament in 2011 and decided to switch things up.

Since then Salter has been on a whirl-wind tour around the globe with significant poker scores in Malta, Prague, Macau and the Netherlands.

Salter took it to another level this year, however, when he won an Aussie Millions side event for $100,942 and then proceeded to finish second in the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final for $1.05 million.

British Breakout Poker Player of the Year

It was enough to earn Salter a nomination for a British Poker Award in the Breakout Player category this year.

jack salter 3

“I was loving it when I saw my name on the list,” he said.

“A lot of the other guys I’m up against are my friends too. If I wasn’t nominated I’d be voting for sure. There are loads of good players on it so hopefully I’ve got a chance.”

Salter’s actually been around awhile, it’s just this year that the poker world has started to take notice thanks to his live results.

“I’ve been playing probably six or seven years,” he said.

“I just started playing Sit & Goes at much lower stakes. I just started playing higher and higher and then transitioned into the live scene when I had the bankroll and experience to do so.”

Enjoying the Challenge of Live Poker

Salter had a little trouble pinpointing exactly what it was that drew him into the world of poker.

“I guess I’m a really competitive guy and I just wanted to improve and be good at something,” he said. “For a long time, when I was playing online, money was one of my main objectives and the main reason for playing.”

As his financial situation became more secure Salter started to appreciate the other benefits of poker. 

“Since I started playing more live tournaments I really started to fall in love with the game,” he said. “Money is not my only motive any more.”

Traveling Around the Globe for Poker

One reason Salter enjoys live poker is the opportunity to travel around the world.

“I mean the actual traveling — being on the plane and everything isn’t great — but I love being around the world. It’s something I loved before I even got into poker.”

Jack Salter

Some rabid EPT fans might remember Salter from the EPT Grand Final when an intense heads-up negotiation that included his backers eventually led to a non-deal with opponent Antonio Buonanno.

Salter downplays the incident and says it didn’t affect his game.

“I’d say it was just two or three minutes of intense stress and the second after I shook my friend’s hand and sat down to play I was completely calm again,” he said.

“I might have appeared more worked up than I actually was.”

When asked if he had any advice for fellow online pros trying to break into live play Salter had a simple but effective suggestion.

“I would say it’s the same as learning poker, it just takes some getting used to,” he said.

“Unless you’re lucky enough to be a real natural it’s probably better to just start playing smaller games around your local casinos. Then you’re probably going to learn just as quick as me but not give away so much money in the process.”

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