Ivey Freefalls, Odogwu Hangs On for Day 3 at EPT Grand Final

jonathan odogwu 5
Jonathan Odogwu has cigar at hand whatever happens.

Another day, another action-packed culling of the field is done at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final Main Event.

Just 123 players remain from a starting field of 650 that amassed a €6.5m prize pool and will award €1,240,000 up top for the winner.

No longer in the running for that big-time payout? One Phil Ivey, who saw his day end in a gigantic cooler.

Still around and contending as the field thins are chip leader Vladimir Troyanovskiy and major heavy hitters Steven "Zugwat" Silverman, Johnny Lodden, Phil Gruissem, Sam Trickett and Ole Schemion.

Steven Silverman
Watch out for Zugwat.

Also hanging on? New PokerListings favorite Jonathan Odogwu, who's short but still alive with 62k chips in the freeroll of his life.

Watch a replay of the day's feature-table action right here. The current Top 10:

  • 1. Vladimir Troyanovskiy 450,500
  • 2. Idris Ambraisse 434,300
  • 3. Marcello Marigliano 427,700
  • 4. Sebastian Von Toperczer 418,000
  • 5. Malte Monnig 387,000
  • 6. Steven Silverman 369,000
  • 7. Talal Shakerchi 368,800
  • 8. Nick Maimone 358,800
  • 9. Johnny Lodden 326,500
  • 10. Mayu Roca 303,200

More Bits from Day 2 in Monaco

-- As mentioned one of our new favorite players is Jonathan Odogwu, a PokerStars qualifier from Great Britain. He talks a lot while playing and shows a lot of emotion. In a hand against chipleader Davidi Kitai the flop showed 9 Q 3. Kitai went all-in and put Odogwu to a really hard decision.

Odogwu stood up from his chair and thought out loud. Finally he called with A Q for his tournament life. Turn and river were the 5 and the J, so Odogwu doubled up.

-- A huge PLO cash game has run in the cash-game area going on 3 days now. The players are mostly the same and normally they begin at 2 p.m.

Steve ODwyer2013 WSOP EuropeEV0725K NLH High RollerDay 1Giron8JG2696
O'Dwyer: Unsure of proper reaction.

-- At the Odogwu table sat another talkative player, Mohamad El Siblani from Lebanon. Steve O’Dwyer and Will Molson were squeezed between these two players and didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

We didn’t see the action until the river, but in a hand with El Siblani and last year’s winner O’Dwyer El Sibiani bet 20k on a board with 3 2 Q 7 5. O’Dwyer tanked for a long time before he finally called. Surprisingly to everyone at the table El Siblani showed 7 5 for runner-runner two pair, which was enough to win the pot and make O’Dwyer shake his head.

-- Strange hand from a side event. On a flop of 8 6 2 two players began a raising war which ended with both players all-in. Player 1 showed 6 2 and Player 2 showed 7 2. Another player asked if these hands were really strong enough to see the flop. Player 1 won when the 7 came on the turn.

-- Some players at the table of Toby Lewis and Ole Schemion wanted to order some food but service is not allowed to serve “cheap food” like Pizza Torino (€20) or a cheeseburger (€20) in the tournament room. Finally the players asked if they could have some bananas. The waitress confirmed and Toby Lewis said, “Progress."

 -- Russian player Artem Litvinov was moved to the former chair of our friend Jonathan Odogwu and apparently he was a “little bit” drunk. (Our Finnish colleague says, “he is in the danger zone”). It was 4:30 pm.

On a board with 822 he played a funny game with Finnish PokerStars Team Pro Ville Wahlbeck. Wahlbeck told Litvinov how much to bet. Litvinov followed  the instructions but then something strange happened. Wahlbeck raises the announced 3,200 on the turn to 6,400 and Litvinov asks him if he will bet another 3,200 on the river before he calls.

danzers haircut
Danzer haircut spurs first live win.

Wahlbeck says he has to bet a little more and “fires out” 8,200. Litvinov is not amused but finally he calls and wins the pot with 98 against a total bluff.

-- Weird situation at Table 27 at the end of a level. On a board with 2 9 K 5 the player in the big blind shoved and the player to his left considered a call. Meanwhile the break had started and after five minutes a third player (!) who is not involved in the hand called the clock.

The UTG player is upset but the other guy says that he wants to go to break and obviously wants to see the end of the hand. After a minute the UTG player calls but loses with 9 8 against K 10 when the river bricks.

-- George Danzer made his 14th career live final table and eventually got his first live tournament victory in the Bounty side event yesterday.

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Dave 2014-04-29 01:42:36

3-bet suggestion

The parts about how many people have told her they are taking up the game - lots of people talk about the 'good for the game' elements, but nice to see some anecdotal evidence.


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