Hit the Qualifying Trail at PokerStars for the $7,500,000 17th Anniversary Sunday Million

Hit the Qualifying Trail at PokerStars for the $7,500,000 17th Anniversary Sunday Million

Here at PokerListings we tend to concentrate on current and imminent online poker bonuses and offers and, in turn, strive to provide regular updates and so on. However, some events in the world of real money online poker are so big that they need maximum pre-exposure. Some online poker rooms are ‘bigger’ than others, and one such is PokerStars who - as well all know - don’t do anything in half measures.

In a way, PokerStars makes it hard to come up with ‘bigger and better’ events because not only do they already host the biggest and best online poker tournaments - both in scale and prize pools – but they do so regularly. Take the Sunday Million fixture, for instance. This is simultaneously a weekly tournament that we almost take for granted, yet generates prize pools and pays out life-changing sums in line with the Millions in the tournament name.

How can they top that? Well, this is PokerStars, after all, and it wouldn’t anyway be real money online poker if, in a bid to demonstrate a point, this leading operator didn’t take a megabucks event and make it even more mega...      

So, you can expect Sunday 26 March to be unlike previous Sundays because it’s the day PokerStars will celebrate 17 years of this weekly major with a special Sunday Million Anniversary edition of the tournament.

Golden PokerStars Logo.

As if to almost downplay the fact that they guarantee millions in prize money Sunday after Sunday, PokerStars will be upping the stakes for this anniversary bash to an amazing $7.5 Million Guaranteed prize pool! This figure being so high in turn enables them to guarantee a top prize of $1 Million – win the event, and you become a millionaire literally overnight...

And whatever your bankroll, this headline event is accessible to all. You can either buy in for $215 or take advantage of a plethora of qualifiers in a set-up that includes Freerolls(!), Feeders, regular qualifiers and Spin & Go games, as well as additional value being offered in extra satellites.

The saying goes that ‘all roads lead to Rome’ but, in this case, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to getting a seat for this must-play event.  

Good luck qualifying, and have fun at the tables!

*Any mention of a bonus or discussion of such terms is not in relation to the province of Ontario.

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