Heads Will Roll! SwC Poker Bounty Week With 1 000 000 GTD!

Heads Will Roll! SwC Poker Bounty Week With 1 000 000 GTD!

There is no doubt that SWC Poker has been the pioneer of Bitcoin Poker. Today, there is no question about it: SWC Poker is the biggest and most recognized BitCoin online poker site. Of course, who wouldn’t appreciate the site with its low rake and fast, easy cash-outs?

SwC Poker Bounty Week Is Around the Corner!

There is always lots of action happening over at SwC Poker, but the following week will certainly be something special considering it is time for SwC Poker Bounty Week! The schedule between 18th and 24th of September leaves no more to ask for if you’re a PKO fan. With a total 1 000 000 guarantee, it will be a Wild West-kind of feeling with bounty hunters competing for leaderboard points.

Even though all the online poker tournaments are attractive with their high guarantees and re-entry structures, one of many golden nuggets in the Bounty Week-schedule to highlight is the 5k Buy-in NLH PKO on Saturday 23rd. With its 100 000 guarantee and two re-entries, this will for sure be the crown to many player’s Saturday grind…

…but if you think that sounds appealing, wait until you hear about Sunday 24th; the official last day of the Bounty Week! Three PKO tournaments will finish the series: the little BTC, the Medium BTC and the Big BTC! These have a respective Buy-in of 500, 2 000 and 5 000, with the last one having a whopping 200 000 guarantee!

Sunday may be the last official day of SwC Poker Bounty Week, but do not forget about the Leaderboard Freeroll on Monday 25th! During Bounty Week, you will receive leaderboard points for every bounty that you claim. If you’re close enough to the top of the leaderboard after Sunday, you have earned your seat to the Monday Freeroll! Something worth mentioning: by registering to a tournament before it starts, you will have a 1.5x multiplier when collecting leaderboard points.

Sign-up on SwC Poker Through PokerListings!

If you don’t yet have a SwC Poker account, register through the PokerListings link, and you will get a 500 uBTC ticket when you deposit €60! This sign-up bonus is not valid for US citizens, and the tickets are credited once a week.

SwC Bounty Week Tournament Schedule:

DateTime (ET)Buy-inGameGuarantee
September 18th18:002kNLH PKO60 000
September 18th21:001,5kNLH Big Bounty45 000
September 19th18:001kBLH Big Bounty30 000
September 19th21:002kNLH 6-max PKO60 000
September 20th18:001kNLH PKO30 000
September 20th21:003kNLH Big Bounty75 000
September 21st18:002kNLH 50 % Bounty60 000
September 21st21:001kNLH Doubles PKO30 000
September 21st21:001kNLH Doubles PKO30 000
September 22nd18:001kNLH 50 % Bounty30 000
September 22nd21:002kNLH PKO60 000
September 23rd16:001,5kNLH PKO50 000
September 23rd21:005kNLH PKO100 000
September 23rd21:00500NLH PKO20 000
September 24th16:00500NLH PKO (The little BTC!)30 000
September 24th18:002kNLH PKO (The Medium BTC!)90 000
September 24th19:005kNLH PKO (The Big BTC!)200 000
September 25th21:00 NLH PKO 100 % Bounty 

SwC Poker uses chips for buy-ins. 1 chip=1 uBTC, and 1 000 000 chips=1 BTC. This applies for both tournaments and cash games.

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