Gogoladze Eliminates Mohammadzadeh

Level 13: 1,000/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 346/1,230

Georgi Gogoladze in the hijack called a three-bet jam for 32,000 by Sohrab Mohammadzadeh from the small blind.

Sohrab Mohammadzadeh: 10 10
Georgi Gogoladze: A J

The race was on and Mohammadzadeh appeared to be in good shape after the K K 7 flop and the 2 turn. However, that all changed when Gogoladze connected his ace with the A river to eliminate Mohammadzadeh.

Georgi Gogoladze - 150,000
Sohrab Mohammadzadeh - 0

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