Gear Up for 500,000 GTD on Global Poker This Sunday

Who will grab a piece of the 500,000 GTD prize pool and whose name will go on that final glass trophy? Join the biggest tournament in Global Poker history on Sunday, April 26 and get your winning share.

The iconic Sunday Scrimmage has always had the biggest rewards from all of Global Poker’s Home Series events. But this Sunday’s steadily-growing prize pool has now reached the biggest yet with 500,000 GTD to be won. Now’s the best time to get involved with satellite tickets up for grabs every day until Sunday.

The Growing Global Poker Event

Global Poker keeps opening a wider variety of games, tournaments, and championships for their player community with ever-growing prizes. Since 2016, the Global Poker player base has shot up to over a million, with tournament entries rising in tandem.

As a result, their Home Series event prize pools and guarantees have been smashed with a three to one ratio. And so far, Global Poker players have won over SC 1,224,000, plus GC 120,000,000 - and counting! But it’s not over - There’s still plenty of opportunities for players at home to get in on the action. 

Qualify for Sunday Scrimmage

Global Poker remains free to access so you can open an account right away and enjoy a diverse range of poker games. You can buy into the SC 500,000 GTD on Sunday, April 26 for SC 540. Or you can just satellite in for almost nothing with tickets going for only SC 1.50. 

On top of that, there’s multiple Home Series satellite tickets up for grabs on the daily. So sign up to Global Poker’s social media, promo emails, and competitions to throw your hat in the ring.

Aside from a slice of the massive prize pool, SC and GC event winners also get their own Champions Pack. Including the latest Global Poker merch, and more importantly, their Home Series trophy - inscribed with their name and winning event. 

Last Weekend’s Winner

Last Sunday’s Teaser and Scrimmage events were nothing but amazing with over SC 200,000 up for grabs. And more than 1,100 Global Poker players collectively chasing their piece. Finally, after at least six hours grinding the Scrimmage, ‘Ryleo’ from Vermont managed to log off SC 27,075 richer. And scored well-deserved bragging rights for days to come. 

Now we’ve got the final Scrimmage coming up on April 26, so there’s no better time to challenge the sharks. Be part of this historical SC 500,000 GTD event in one of the ways we mentioned above. A few will claim a solid piece of the pie and you may as well be one of them.  

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