Global Poker Home Series for US Players with 2m gtd.

Global Poker, the largest US-facing Online Poker site is running a huge poker series during the lockdown with 2m guaranteed. We explain how the Home Series works.

The world is on lockdown and with everyone asked to stay at home, Global Poker decided to bring some Online Poker joy into the lives of all people in the USA.

Starting March 30th, the US-facing poker site launches its first really enormous poker series, the Global Poker Home Series. The series is running for 4 weeks and guarantees a whopping 2 Million.

How does Global Poker work?

Global Poker Home Series
Global Poker Home Series

Online Poker in the US? How does that work?

A fair question, since only a few states in the US currently allow traditional online poker and most Americans seemingly don’t have the option to play online. Global Poker has the solution in the form of “Social Gaming”. On Global Poker you technically don’t play for real money, but only for Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins. Once you sign up, you receive some Gold Coins (200,000 to be precise) and some Sweeps Coins. Gold Coins are purely for fun but Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for real money at the rate of 1 US-Dollar per 1 Sweeps Coin.

After you have signed up you can purchase more Gold Coins in packages of various sizes. For each purchase of Gold Coins you receive some Sweeps Coins as bonus for free. You can play with either Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins, take part in Cash Games, Sit and Go’s or Tournaments. You can always redeem your Sweeps Coins.

Since you’re technically not purchasing Sweeps Coins (they’re always only a free bonus when purchasing Gold Coins), you’re technically not playing for real money. That’s called “Social Gaming” and it is completely legal in 49 US-Stated (only Washington doesn’t allow these kind of sweepstakes). Although you’re technically not playing for real money, you can, of course, always redeem your Sweeps Coins.

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Global Poker Home Series

With the country on lockdown Global Poker is vastly expanding its tournament schedule and runs a Poker Series which guarantees 2 Million Sweeps Coins.

The series runs for 4 weeks with exactly one event per day, buy-ins ranging between 33 and 540 Sweeps Coins. Each event starts at 21:30 (ET) except the big Sunday events which start 4 hours earlier at 17:30 (ET).

The biggest event by far will be the final Sunday Scrimmage on April 28th with a guarantee of 500,000 Sweeps Coins.

Satellites for all events are running round the clock.

Global Poker Home Series Schedule

This is the schedule for the Global Poker Home Series:

Monday 03/30/20 21:30 (ET)SC 218#1: NLHSC 50,000
Tuesday 03/31/20 21:30 (ET)SC 218#2: PLO 6-MaxSC 40,000
Wednesday 04/01/20 21:30 (ET)SC 218#3: NLH Big AnteSC 40,000
Thursday 04/02/20 21:30 (ET)SC 110#4: NLH RebuySC 50,000
Friday 04/03/20 21:30 (ET)SC 218#5: NLH TurboSC 45,000
Saturday 04/04/20 21:30 (ET)SC 218#6: NLH 6-MaxSC 50,000
Sunday 04/05/20 17:30 (ET)SC 218#7: NLH Sunday ScrimmageSC 100,000
Monday 04/06/20 21:30 (ET)SC 218#8: NLH Turbo 6-MaxSC 45,000
Tuesday 04/07/20 21:30 (ET)SC 110#9: NLH RebuySC 50,000
Wednesday 04/08/20 21:30 (ET)SC 110#10: NLH Double ChanceSC 40,000
Thursday 04/09/20 21:30 (ET)SC 33#11: PLO RebuySC 35,000
Friday 04/10/20 21:30 (ET)SC 218#12: NLH Ante-UpSC 40,000
Saturday 04/11/20 21:30 (ET)SC 33#13: NLH RebuySC 40,000
Sunday 04/12/20 17:30 (ET)SC 218#14: NLH Sunday ScrimmageSC 150,000
Monday 04/13/20 21:30 (ET)SC 218#15: NLHSC 50,000
Tuesday 04/14/20 21:30 (ET)SC 218#16: PLO 6-MaxSC 40,000
Wednesday 04/15/20 21:30 (ET)SC 218#17: NLH Big AnteSC 40,000
Thursday 04/16/20 21:30 (ET)SC 110#18: NLH RebuySC 50,000
Friday 04/17/20 21:30 (ET)SC 218#19: NLH TurboSC 45,000
Saturday 04/18/20 21:30 (ET)SC 218#20: NLH 6-MaxSC 50,000
Sunday 04/19/20 17:30 (ET)SC 218#21: NLH Sunday ScrimmageSC 200,000
Monday 04/20/20 21:30 (ET)SC 110#22: NLH 6-MaxSC 45,000
Tuesday 04/21/20 21:30 (ET)SC 110#23: NLH RebuySC 50,000
Wednesday 04/22/20 21:30 (ET)SC 110#24: NLH Double ChanceSC 40,000
Thursday 04/23/20 21:30 (ET)SC 33#25: PLO RebuySC 35,000
Friday 04/24/20 21:30 (ET)SC 218#26: NLH Ante-UpSC 40,000
Saturday 04/25/20 21:30 (ET)SC 33#27: NLH RebuySC 40,000
Sunday 04/26/20 17:30 (ET)SC 540#28: NLH Sunday ScrimmageSC 500,000

To sign up at Global Poker and receive the $40 Welcome Package, click on the banner below:

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Please note, only players from the US can sign up at Global Poker.

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