Glazier: “I’ll Quit Poker the Day I Dread Coming into a Poker Room”

There aren’t too many Australian poker players who have given the call to shuffle up and deal to kick off the World Series of Poker.

In fact, until today it’s likely that there has been just two.

Joe Hachem is one of them. He bestowed those immortal words over the top of the thousands of ruffling chips of eager poker players both in Vegas and at the inaugural WSOP APAC in 2013.

The other Aussie, famed cricketer Shane Warne, gave the shuffle up and deal call at the WSOP in Europe last year.

One more Aussie can now reminisce with Warne and Hachem about the time they gave the call to shuffle up and deal as Jackie Glazier proudly stood atop a podium, mic in hand, and kicked off the 2014 WSOP APAC.

“The WSOP guys put my name forward to do it and Jim Preston here at Crown asked me,” Glazier tells us during the first break of the opening event. “Of course I said yes very quickly. It’s a big honour.”

Glazier, who won a bracelet at the WSOPE in 2013, was clearly delighted to be held in high enough regard to help kick off such a big event. It just added to the excitement that she was feeling all week in the leadup to the World Series of Poker coming to her home town.

It was excitement that clearly had Glazier tossing and turning in bed.

Opening event WSOP APAC tomorrow. To say I'm excited would be an understatement! Hope I can sleep tonight. Go #team888 #888live @888poker— Jackie Glazier (@JackieGlazier) October 1, 2014

“I slept a little bit,” Glazier tells us. “I still get really excited about a tournament, which is good. I think I should stop playing the day I stop getting excited about a tournament.”

Melbourne-Based Glazier Still Loving Poker

Jackie Glazier

It's clear Glazier loves poker. She told us that the day she started dreading coming into a poker room for a tournament is the day she would quit.

That dread isn’t likely to come any time soon and it’s certainly not likely to occur with the WSOP APAC on her doorstep.

This is her turf, her poker room, her city.

Does that mean Glazier has an edge over her international opponents? In most sports, having the home-field is a big advantage, but poker is a different beast.

“I think being local means you are less tempted to get distracted,” Glaziers says. “International players who are here for the first time might want to go out more. I can do that any time of the year in Melbourne, so there isn’t that temptation that international players might have”

When pressed about how that translates to results on her home-felt, compared to the internationals, Glazier talks about taking any edge, not matter how small.

Taking Every Little Edge at the Poker Table

Jackie Glazier

One edge that has clearly worked in Glazier’s favour over the years and one that she has been asked about many times is being a female player in a male-dominated poker world.

Glazier hasn’t been shy in telling the world that she will use any advantage, including if people perceive her in a certain way just for being a woman.

Prior to her success at the felt, Glazier often used her gender as an advantage and though she still does, opponents seem to not underestimate her as much as they may have in the past. 

That may be one minor downfall of being a success, but it has also added a new weapon to her arsenal – being a “known” player.

There’s no more hiding behind obscurity, especially here in Australia where Glazier is one of the highest-profile players in the country. So what is more of an advantage, being well known or being a woman?

“I really just try to take advantage of any spot I can find at the table,” Glazier quickly responds. “So regardless of whether it’s a profile thing or a woman thing, or even just a spot where I just feel like a player plays a certain way, I’m going to take advantage of them.”

It’s the kind of answer a cut-throat professional could give and Glazier will clearly be taking every advantage she can get, no matter how big or small, at the 2014 WSOP APAC in her quest to win a bracelet in her home town.

“Winning one here would mean more than Vegas or Europe, unless of course we are talking about the Main Event in Vegas. That would mean the most to me,” Glazier says. “But definitely winning here at Crown would just be more special to me than the others, being my home town and having a lot of regulars here and friends and family.”  

The 2014 WSOP APAC runs from October 2nd through 18th at Crown Casino in Melbourne and will award ten gold bracelets.

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