GGPoker – Weekend Recap

GGPoker – Weekend Recap

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that there’s always a lot of action at GGPoker. Even though there’s many interesting tournaments running throughout the week, there’s no doubt that the weekend days are the ones with the most traffic on GGPoker – just like all the other online poker sites out there.

Let’s browse through the GGPoker results from the past weekend and see who the biggest winners were!

GGMasters Overlay Edition and More

The biggest highlight of the past weekend on GGPoker was, without a doubt, the GGMasters Overlay Edition. With a $10.000.000 GTD and only a $150 Buy-In, this could be one of the most appealing online poker tournaments during 2024.

No fewer than 13.201 European players participated in their exclusive day 1A flight. When play ended on Sunday, 1.317 players bagged their chips. These players will return to Day 2, February 26th. Player “Limp Blitzkit” is the chip-leader from Day 1A, and he will enter Day 2 with 508.759 in chips.

In the American GGMasters Overlay Edition 1A Flight, 4.071 players threw their name into the competition. A total of 407 have secured a Day 2 seat and “kbza0823” is the chip-leader from the Day 1A flight. He has 508.770 in chips.

In the Asian edition, 6.083 players registered in the tournament. “Cepillo7807” will enter Day 2 with 411.689 in chips.

You don’t want to miss out on the GGMasters Overlay Edition, and there’s still time to enter the tournament. Day 1B runs February 24th, and Day 1C on the 25th of February.

Another tournament that also held a $150 Buy-In was the Saturday Secret KO. Mystery Bounty tournaments are running hot on GGPoker even after the conclusion of the Bounty Hunter Series, and Saturday’s tournament attracted 2.829 players, creating a $405-102 prize pool. “Never_Lucky” appeared to be lucky for once and won the tournament for $27.608. However, it was 8th place finisher “IamK” who snagged the $40.000 Bounty and such, he was the biggest winner of the tournament.

If we’re talking high stakes, Ukrainian player “Symon Petliura” managed to defeat his 757 opponents in the $1.050 GGMasters High Rollers. This resulted in a $105.918 paycheck.

Medium and Low Stakes

On the medium stakes, the $52,50 Mystery Bounty Million was the most crowded GGPoker tournament of the weekend. A total of 20.760 players threw their names into the hat and as a result the $1.000.000 guarantee was met. Brazilian player “Maaliken” won the tournament for $48.974 making him the big winner, even though “Aram_yan” snagged a $30.000 bounty.

Last but not certainly not least, let’s take a look at the past weekend’s low stakes action on GGPoker. A whopping 18.690 players competed in the $15 Mini Saturday Secret KO, completely shattering the $200.000 GTD with roughly $66.000. Presumably, winning a tournament like this would boost the bankroll for many low stakes players.

This time, it was Brazilian player “Thales Koppe” who came out on top winning $11.734. However, “NoVirtue” received the $20.000 bounty. He finished 106th but he was still the biggest winner of the tournament.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: there’s action around the clock at GGPoker. With the GGMasters Overlay Edition running, traffic is huge and players would be wise to get in on the GGPoker action.

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