FullFlush threatens to break durrrr at WSOPE

The second Day 1 flight of the World Series of Poker Europe main event went off in London Sunday without British high-stakes pro and legendary trash talker Luke "__FullFlush1__" Schwartz.

Schwartz apparently can't play because he's been barred from all British casinos.

But that didn't stop the outspoken Londoner from dropping by the Casino at the Empire to rail the action and a few horses he's put in the event.

"It's bullshit," Schwartz said. "There was something at the Vic [London's Grosvenor Victoria Casino] ages ago when I wouldn't take off my hat and now I'm nationally barred from all the casinos. But I've just snuck in and won about five grand on the roulette."

The brash 25-year-old burst onto the high-stakes online poker scene earlier this year posting significant profits against the likes of Tom "durrrr" Dwan, David "Raptor" Benefield and Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond.

But he's perhaps best known for the often visceral brand of trash talk he brings to the chatbox online.

Schwartz has verbally attacked just about everyone who's crossed his path, but he seems to have a particular dislike for Dwan.

"I don't like seeing durrrr just own off the poker world and just win all the money from all the other fish," he said. "I don't mind if Patrik [Antonius] and [Phil] Ivey win. I just can't stand durrrr. I can't stand durrrr's face, durrrr's voice, and durrrr's eyes. I can't stand anything about durrrr.

"He's just an arrogant social retard. He's spastic. There's not much more to say than that."

Tom Dwan
'He thinks he's the best, but he's just so annoying.

Schwartz takes particular issue with how he believes Dwan built his bankroll, claiming his money was made chiefly from beating Cirque du Soleil founder and reported high-stakes fishGuy Laliberté out of millions.

"He thinks he's the best, but he's just so annoying," Schwartz said. "People just don't even realize if Guy had not existed in this poker world, durrrr would be nowhere."

Although he's particularly vocal regarding his distaste for Dwan, the online phenom doesn't appear to be his only target.

Some of the biggest names in the game turned up for Day 1b of the WSOPE main event, including four-time WSOP bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu, 2008 WSOPE main event champ John Juanda and 2000 WSOP Main Event champ Chris "Jesus" Ferguson.

But Schwartz' respect for poker's elite players seems limited as well.

"All these big players that you hear of, like Negreanu and all these old guys, they all won when there was better fish around - that's why they're famous," he said. "Obviously they did well and took advantage of poker when it was easy, but now it's tough. It's fucking hard to win now."

In recent months, the name __FullFlush1__ has been missing from the high-stakes games on Full Tilt Poker.

Schwartz says he withdrew most of his winnings from the site and because of a $5,000 per day and $15,000 per month limit on deposits, and a bit of a bad run trying to spin up the relatively small deposits into a sufficient bankroll for the bigger games, he's been forced to take his action elsewhere and avoid any confrontations with his nemesis Dwan.

Dwan is currently in London taking part in several events, including Matchroom Sports'durrrr Million Dollar Challenge, where he will take onSammy "any two" George and a series of players yet to be named in 500-hand live heads-ups matches with a $500k buy in.

Luke Schwartz
'I'm sending [durrrr] broke before the end of 2010. That's my goal.'

But Schwartz said he is unlikely to challenge his rival there.

"I'm not much of a live player and sitting down with $500,000 is obviously quite deep, so it's not the first thing that comes to my mind," he said. "But I would like to do a challenge with him of some sort at some stage quite soon."

It appears more likely that he will eventually meet Dwan online in Full Tilt's 50,000 hand durrrr Challenge, although Dwan is still in the midst of taking on Antonius and Schwartz isn't quite sure he's ready.

"I'd like to do that," he said. "I'd do that right now at $100/$200 with durrrr snap, but $200/$400 is a bit much. I suppose I could do that with my roll right now, but I'd feel like I was short if I started getting stuck right away."

Both players are set to take part in the PKR Heads Up Grand Slam in London beginning Oct. 8 and will meet there if they both reach the semifinals.

Anxiously awaiting the start of that, Schwartz sounded more than eager to get a shot at Dwan no matter where it is.

"I've smashed him," he said. "I'm up like 600 grand on him online. I would be up 800 grand, but we did these 200 grand flips when I was tilted one day and he won both of them. I kill this guy. This guy is like an autistic retard. If you just get a little bit into his head he can't deal with it.

"I'm sending him broke before the end of 2010. That's my goal."

For more from Day 1b of the WSOPE main event and beyond, including chip counts, photos and live updates, click through to PokerListings' Live Tournaments page.

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2011-01-10 15:25:04

FULLFLUSH is an arrogant British clown. How can $200/$400 be too high if he is that much better than Dwan? Wouldn’t he be eager to sit down with him and clean him out to the felt? He hasn’t done it because he is obviously scared silly. Mr. Fullflush is all talk. Not intelligent talk mind you, but talk. He really ought to consider shutting his wordhole.

2010-09-29 12:54:25

HEY RETARDS.. I will challenge any of you railtard noncecakes any day of the week. I am the bizniz from lundon and own you all. I got me new howse and flash motor and now everyone thinks I got a big tool. Still got me lezbian titties but what the hell I can take on anyone.

2010-07-09 05:29:03

FULL FLUSH is a poker pro,for you bunch of toolbars asking who is he?Some of the comments sunds like your having sex with Durr?So fcuk if he chooses not to play 200/400 or whatever,the guy fkn explains why.
And for the record Durr is for sure a pre op transexual.

2010-06-19 04:49:45

Schwartz is a total donk who has a pea for a brain. Durrrr would wipe him out in one session and boy would I love to be there when it happened.

Swartz is a duesch
2010-05-29 07:56:37

calling durrrr an autistic retard just made this guy sound like a tool..he needs to man up if he wants to be anyone in this poker industry and start acting and talking like the real pro’s.. Ivey and Doyle and Antonius ..these guys would never bash another player like that

2010-04-13 00:16:53

I like full flush as a player, he is excellent heads up and would give anyone a good game there. I would also say its entertaining a bit of trash talk etc but I think he takes it way too far and is far too offensive with some of the words he uses particularly.
I think the guy needs to grow up a bit, give him five years and he will be embarrassed by some of the things he has said if he matures, starts a family etc.
On the playing side of things though, like I said I think the guy is an excellent player, one of the best around heads up for sure but he needs to tone down his insults a bit. I used to hate Dwan too but the more I have seen him I have to say though a bit up his own he has serious balls and must be a nightmare to play against and he does have a sense of humour too.

2010-02-01 02:50:28

I just wanted to say I’m 8’4 and 92 lbs, I’m the current samurai champion of the world and own at least five train stations.

2010-01-02 19:40:52

Since FF cashed out his money and bought a house, I’m not realy sure what you’re talking about grinder007?

Maybe you should check your facts before you rap off?

2010-01-02 12:34:39

Your are all just complete nonce cakes and railtards. Your just jelous of me cause ive got the jakeys on… woteva!!!

2010-01-02 09:52:36

FF – since durrr & everyone else have spanked you for your bankroll how do you plan on sending durrr home broke ? You should change your handle to FR (free-roll) instead of fullflush since the pro’s busted you

2009-12-31 03:37:18

Who damn is Fullflush?Stop to discuss about this idiot,he is not a poker player,but a clown instead.He can be good in some circus!

2009-12-31 03:32:39

Fullflush1???????HAHAHAHAH!Don’t make me laugh!My child 2 years old can defeat him easily

2009-12-31 03:30:46

I played with FullFlush,he is very feeble player,can’t be considered a pro.He is complete garbage

dwan is a donk
2009-10-21 07:35:00

I cant stand dwan. The guy is a suck out artest. Raising with 5 3 and flopping a boat, yeah thats brilliant to some of you. Its just outrageous luck to anyone who knows the game.

And to Lane. I meet you the other day, you are 4’3″ not 6’5″. Atleast you didnt lie about your weight cause you are 235 lbs.

And to clear up the issue, Lane was in the nut house because he thought he owned it. LMAO.

Lane’s daddy is Pee Wee Herman.

Last comment for now. Dwan is a suck out donk. Just take a look at the hands he shoves all in with. Its easy just look at the times he’s in the highest hands played section. In fact take a look at all of those guys and you will see they play the game like its a free roll or play money. Shoving in is all they know and hope to get lucky. One of these days it will come down to the last moron standing who shoved all in with 7 2 off and won it all.

2009-10-11 10:26:00

Lol. He said he is not much of a live player. Wtf? He won’t amount to much then if he can’t show his skills on tv. Tries to talk shit and hide behind his monitor. He don’t play live because he would get bitch slapped. Why would you want to be known as an asshole rather than a skilled poker player? Douche bag

2009-10-08 04:45:00


this guy is such a pussy. $200/$400 a bit TOO HIGH???? those stakes are TOO LOW for dwan.

$500,000 TOO HIGH? Dwan can afford $500,000 any day.

Why not verse Dwan for your bankroll then mr fullflush? He’d be happy to oblige.

2009-10-08 03:19:00

Dont know to much about this full flush guy just what i have read. All i can say is ” dont talk about it, be about it ” Talk is cheap but if thats what your goal is for 2010 then good luck. Also some trash talk i think is good for the game. I mean what do u think Phil hellmuth and mike the mouth do, maybe they are more established in the poker world but does that make it ok. You be the judge..

2009-10-07 05:27:00

I think the guy is just jelious of durrr…i have been watching him play on tv and he gets lucky and he wins on bluffs too…and they are pros and not beginners…i think it is envy and he wishes it was him that was playing like that…

2009-10-04 21:34:00


2009-10-04 18:44:00

too bad fullflush is busto…
didnt even have enough money to come to wsop to play cash games and was too embarassed to play lower stakes

And he’d actually have to play durrr once in a while to get him broke. Talking trash yet not willing to play at the stake of that person is… absurdly pathetic.

Get money on FTP you pussy.

2009-10-04 15:51:00

Talking trash about busting players you can’t even afford to play is beyond pathetic.

2009-10-04 15:48:00

Dear FullFlush,

Either start playing Durrrr HU and winning or just STFU.

Sam Monella
2009-10-01 21:55:00

FullFlushes’ antics are good for poker in my opinion. It brings rivalry to the game and I’m quite certain this his ramblings really don’t bother Dwan in the slightest. Dwan plays the biggest live games in the world and seems unfazed playing the likes of Ivey and Antonius, so comments from some guy who won’t sit at those games probably gives Dwan a bit of a laugh. Until they play some kind of heads up match or something, FullFlush is just fodder for the real player Dwan. Hope this happens one day because it could be interesting. oh by the way i am not huge like the rest of this board.

2009-10-01 16:57:00

i like kittens!

2009-10-01 06:14:00

Lane – get a grip mate.

A bit of vitriol in an interview does NOT make a psychopath. So stop going over the top with your ridiculous asserions that he’s an insane nutter/danger/violent.

and the rest of you stop speculating what he did to get banned. You don’t know do you?

People who shout their mouths off aren’t usually the nutters. It’s the quiet ones I worry about

If you have really “owned and operated psychiatric hospitals” Lane, then I feel sorry for the patients because you obviously pigeon hole people without any proper assessment.

FYI – I’m 7 foot 10 and 560lbs of granite muscle and there are steroid needles protuding from my neck

I've got 5 reds.. do I win?
2009-09-29 23:34:00

If I was Dwan i’d be loving it! Schwartz is emotionally involved.. Perfect!… toy and destroy!

Schwartz is all mouth and publicity.. you honestly think he’d hit Dwan in a casino or anything? He’d be banged up for assult and probably have a law suit to deal with.

Most pro poker players are cockey and mouthy but it’s part of the game.. you get inside the head of your opponants to gain advantages

Schwartz will never been known for his poker play just his mouth until he actually does something huge on the live scene, so stop brown nosing Dwan

and for all the people who are fed up of the shit and abuse in the chat boxes… switch them off! it’s not hard! if you dont see abuse.. you dont react to it.. now stop fucking moaning about anything and everything.. enough said!

2009-09-29 10:55:00


brrrap brrrrap brrrrrap

Full Flush Is A Hole
2009-09-29 10:53:00

Your a scum bag douchbag luke, referring to autistic is very very lame

2009-09-29 01:51:00

Lane – Claiming you are something that you are not is just lame. Seriously no one believes the crap you have said. Why would people believe you when you are making up some random stories whilst enjoying the anonymity of the internet.

By the way I’m 6’8 a professional MMA fighter with 20 fights under my belt with only 2 losses. I am also well educated and I own and run James Cook University.

2009-09-28 23:41:00

Joe T – Sissy? Really? I am 6’5″ – 235 and rock solid. But I also happen to be a businessman and a gentleman. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to interact with the likes of Schwartz, much less play poker with him. I have sat across the poker table with people just like him. You either play the game like a sportsman or get the hell out !

FYI – I have owned and operated psychiatric hospitals so I am fully aware of what people like Schwartz are capable of doing and none of his type should be allowed in an open society. They are likely to explode at any moment.

Go back to your kiddie gang wars and graffiti the town. And don’t bother us with your inane dribble.

2009-09-28 20:03:00

Lane – Put simply – You come across as an absolute idiot.

Don’t be such a sissy. If you can’t take a bit of speech play, then you need to grow up.

If you must, shut him up by beating him.

2009-09-28 19:39:00

Now we are hearing from all the jealous trolls.

2009-09-28 19:31:00

He stops playing on fulltilt because of the deposit limits? Ya right. Hes probably on some other poker website on a diff name trying to build his stack he lost on fulltilt.

2009-09-28 19:20:00

“I have been within a few feet of Tom many times in Las Vegas. He is a kind gentle soul and always respectful of his fellow players.”

Fanboy much, Lane?

2009-09-28 19:00:00

The Dream 1 – If you find Schwartz’s brand of “entertainment” amusing, perhaps you need a stint in Afghanistan to get your head screwed on straight.

Frankly, I am sick of all the hot heads trolling not only the poker rooms but this country. It is mental illness plain and simple.

Take a hike buster!

The Dream1
2009-09-28 18:47:00

FF is a legend and the best thing to happen to poker this century. How boring are all those pros – poker needed livening up and Schwartz is certainly doing just that. People can hate on him all they want, but at the end of the day the poker is world needs a guy like this. And the fact that he has got the skills to match his trash talking makes him the most interesting player to watch at the moment. Durrr is a great player, but Schwartz is too and is 10 times the entertainer!

2009-09-28 17:04:00

Anyone stopped to think that FF may just be trash talking to try and get durrr (plus anyone else he targets) off centre.

Granted his jibes do have more venom than most, but a lot of those high rollers are doing the same thing.

For what it’s worth IMO he has about as much chance of upsetting durrr as I do with my £20k roll.!

2009-09-28 16:22:00

It is funny how he says he is 600 grand over durrrr. Adding 400K to the number seems like a good way to sell the story. 267K is the correct sum. He wants to beat durrrr but his bankroll can barely help itself with just 500K.

If you are going to call someone of the higher stakes, you better have a fat wallet, otherwise just stay with the fish in mid stakes.

2009-09-28 16:20:00

The bloke above me again (gpo123) is an absolute moron. Most of you know this by reading his comments but I thought I’d point it out for other morons about who couldn’t tell.

Sorry gpo123 I just wanted to be “more tougher”. Hilarious!

2009-09-28 16:11:00

casino ban schwartz not because he wont take off his hat. must has other reason.i know the casino law in england is more tougher than us. either cheating or violence crime to ban him from the casino. poker is a beautiful game,dont let the idiot destroy the game.all the casino should check schwartz his back ground before let him getting in the casino and hurting someone.at last we knew most of the pro are real good people,they donated a lot of money to the charity. dont hate the player,if u lose,hate the card and luck sometime.and durrrrr should hire a lawyer ban him around 500yards.dangerous man.

2009-09-28 16:05:00

Have to agree with RandomCommenter – the bloke above him is a TOTAL moron!! “u can’t just play AA, KK all the time” Is that how you think FF or any other highstakes pro plays? are you totally dumb or what?

2009-09-28 15:44:00

Schwartz should be ashamed of himself. You can hate anyone you want, but calling someone a retard or a spaz is just low. He’s not in 7th grade anymore so he shouldn’t act like it.

2009-09-28 15:13:00

LANE,i agree with 1000%,and pete,regulator,randomcommentor are moron,they just dont like anyone

2009-09-28 14:48:00

Schwartz is very obviously mentally deranged and should be banned from all poker events. Anyone who is willing to make statements which clearly show an intent to commit violence against another over a poker game is psychotic. Schwartz needs to be institutionalized in a mental facility. All promoters of poker events take heed and ban this maniac. All it will take is a little alcohol to push this lunatic into action.

And, Tom Dwan should demand extra security whenever he is around.

I have been within a few feet of Tom many times in Las Vegas. He is a kind gentle soul and always respectful of his fellow players.

2009-09-28 14:43:00

to durrrrr,make sure those fish have enough money to play with u,the reason they dont like u because they just dont know the game.

2009-09-28 14:29:00

FullFlush is a legend, hes got it down to a tee, he plays immense and unlike the rest of the poker world he speaks his mind, his interviews are quality u never get other pros talking like this, he right too tho dwarn may be immense he is a social retard, hes a fucking nerd who bored the shit out of anyone around him, would love to see him go broke at the hands of luke, TID

2009-09-28 12:01:00

u dont judge a book by its cover,durrrrr winthe way he is playing,i think hes can survive in the big game. big money in the tourney too.i dont like the way he play too,so what.if yu think u can win his money,play with him,see who is the fish call sucker i think against doyle brunson or b.greenstein is more easier

2009-09-28 11:27:00

The bloke above me (gpo123) is an absolute moron. Most of you know this by reading his comment but I thought I’d point it out for other morons about who couldn’t tell.

2009-09-28 10:20:00

talk is cheap.durrrrrrrrrr play different from other pro,that why he can survive.u cant just play AA,KK all the time,i think fullflush1 is a real jerk,just try to get his name on the online poker news,like phil laak,play 46 unsuited too

2009-09-28 07:48:00

I mean i can’t stand durrr either. but seriously if your gonna talk shit about someone to the press internationally. you better be able to play the same stakes as the guy. Yes Durrr is crazy, but he has huge swings which enables him to win big, that’s his game plan. SO this kid has really no business talk en shit about him if he cant swing around that type of loot. So who cares if your up on durrr 600k no one gives a shit they wanna know your up 1 to 2.5 mil up on the kid then people will be impressed.

W Hsu
2009-09-28 05:58:00

Who is this clown? durrr represents!

2009-09-28 03:38:00

Tough words for someone who isn’t willing to play as high as durrrr wants and hasn’t even been seen online in months.

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