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Full Tilt Poker

It's sad to see Full Tilt go knowing it was once an online poker titan with a run spanning over 17 years. But the reality is that the brand never fully recovered from Black Friday and all its subsequent effects.

Current Full Tilt players have been migrated over to the main skin of the network and former owner, PokerStars. So there won't be much meaningful change to your playing experience except for the cosmetics. Full Tilt had been operating as a PokerStars skin for a couple of years, sharing the same player pools and available games.  

See what PokerStars has to offer instead:

About Full Tilt Poker

Launched in 2004, Full Tilt became one of the biggest and most successful online poker sites in history. The entire site came crashing to the ground in 2011, however, when the company was unable to pay back its players after the events of Black Friday. Former rival PokerStars finally stepped in and purchased the site and paid back all players in a spectacular industry-defining move.

The new Full Tilt was leaner and meaner than ever with no more "Team Full Tilt" players and instead a dedicated focus on the recreational poker player. It's a whole new ball game and the old guard of Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and Phil Ivey no longer have any connection to the site. Fortunately the product was as strong as ever, perhaps even better than ever with PokerStars-level security and finances.

Full Tilt was also one of the most innovative poker sites in the world with variants you won't find anywhere else. In early 2010 Full Tilt introduced Rush Poker, which marked the debut of fast-fold poker, a boon for action junkies everywhere. Sit & Go Jackpots, Adrenaline Rush and 1UP Multi-Entry tournaments are just a sample of the unusual games you'll find on Full Tilt. The site also offers a complete casino if you're into that kind of thing.

Interestingly in 2015 Full Tilt streamlined the site even further by removing table selection, heads-up tables and more complicated games like Stud and Draw. The result was a site that's extremely friendly for new players, which makes the games quite a bit easier.

In 2016 PokerStars made the decision to migrate Full Tilt to the PokerStars platform. Of course PokerStars' software was considered by many to be the best in the entire poker industry and was available for Windows, OSX, iOS and Android. Not available to U.S. players Full Tilt Poker was still open to anyone outside of the U.S.


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Full Tilt Poker Promotions & Loyalty Program

Playing at Full Tilt gives you access to the exact same Stars Rewards program that you get on PokerStars.

That means that if you generate enough Stars Points you'll unlock chests. Chests are full of randomized rewards (kind of like Spin & Go multipliers) such as tournaments tickets, StarsCoins and up to $1,000 in instant cash. Stars Rewards are especially good for recreational players looking to generate bonuses without putting in huge volume.

Stars Coins, which pop out of chests, can be used for everything from tournament tickets to Full Tilt merch. Also of note is that you can earn Reward Points while playing on BetStars or PokerStars casino, which is especially valuable if you enjoy spin at the roulette table or the occasional sports bet.


Full Tilt has a massive amount of tournaments with buy-ins from $1 all the way up into the thousands. Events are busy, fast and well structured.

Players wanting to test their skills at big guaranteed MTTs will find plenty of chances at Full Tilt with millions in guaranteed events each week. It's also still growing, adding more tournaments daily and players are sure to find an event they like.

Full Tilt was also home to insane Sit & Go Jackpot tournaments where players can win potentially win 2,000X their buy-in just for beating two other players.

Full Tilt runs plenty of freerolls also - most of which are multi-table events with relatively loose play. One of the unique features of Tilt though was that freerolls are run in all game varieties, not just Texas Hold'em. It's a huge benefit for game specialists and old schoolers looking for a shot at free money, while players looking to try some new games can enter the events without the risk of crippling their bankrolls.

For those looking for larger freerolls, Full Tilt runs an assortment of free tournaments where players can buy in with their player points. Tons of big ticket freerolls for packages to the WSOP, WPT, EPT and more are also constantly on the table.


Full Tilt's software (which was the same as PokerStars) was one of the best platforms available, with good customization options, fast game play, nice graphics and high reliability. It offers all the major features including player notes, statistics and multi-table play, plus a number of unique special features that really enhance game play.

One major change was that in 2015 the folks behind Full Tilt made the decision to remove all forms of table selection an effort to protect new players from the sharks. The tech staff also removed heads-up games, which were particularly tough for new players.

Overall, it's definitely made by and for poker players, and gets better with every update. The latest version of the Full Tilt software supports play at 18 tables simultaneously and it's very well-suited for multi-table play with easy-to-use table functions, a great mini-view, a "time bank" for crucial decisions and the ability to sit at any table position.

Exclusive Full Tilt Poker Software Features

The mini-table view was clean and easy to use with nine tables possible on a 22" monitor with no overlap. You can also save your own custom table layout settings.

Full Tilt offers a ton of special features and every software update adds more smart functionality. Among the best are the time bank for making big decisions, a "top up" feature that automatically refills your stack at cash games, pre-determined buy-ins, automatic re-buys, a log-in history and taking satellite wins in credits instead of a fixed buy-in.

Full Tilt's software also offers several exclusive features you won't find anywhere else including rapid-fire Rush Poker multi-table tournaments and even multi-entry tournaments.

There's also a complete online casino for players looking for a quick gamble. Pure poker players can just ignore it and focus on poker, however.

One of the best things about Full Tilt's software was that it's available for nearly every device on the planet including PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

For a direct and free Full Tilt Poker download, click on the download link above.


Full Tilt has gone through a bit of a transition over the years and, while it used to be a serious grinder's site, it's becoming more and more of a destination for casual players, especially in the lower stakes. These days it's one of the softest sites around, which was a good thing for all poker players.

There's a good chance Full Tilt got softer because of the site's online casino, which launched in 2013. It's hard to complain when it tends to funnel bad poker players into the site's ecosystem. The micro-stakes on Full Tilt are especially good for new players.

Just make sure to bring your A-game when you venture into the mid-stakes games because there are some legitimate sharks that patrol the waters. In the higher stakes it obviously gets even tougher.

While No-Limit Hold'em was always the main attraction, Full Tilt also offers some very good Pot-Limit Omaha games.