Fours No Good for Brenden

Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 126/201

Last night, this author was playing some limit mixed cash games with a number of players including Norway's Oystein Brenden. Unfortunately, we just saw Brenden's demise with his first bullet in the Grand Event as follows.

Brenden open-jammed for 14,600 from early position and was looked up by Johannes Erfurth.

Oystein Brenden: 4 4
Johannes Erfurth: Q Q

The 2 Q 6 7 8 was of no use for Brendon and was eliminated by Erfurth who was far ahead the entire way before ending the hand with a set of queens.

"Can I still re-enter?" Brenden immediately asked after losing his stack.

He was told he could, so we may see Brenden back in action still today.

Johannes Erfurth - 100,000
Oystein Brenden - 0

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