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Flip & Go Tournaments - GGPoker Exclusive

The latest Flip & Go Tournaments at GGPoker propel you to the hottest part of the tournament action – playing in the money!

Only for Pokerlistings Players!

GGpoker Flip & Go tournaments will be your new favorite thing in MTT poker if you’re ready to beat the grind. If you log in to your GGpoker account you’ll see it added to the game menu. There is also an online bracelet event featured on GGPoker for Flip & Gos.

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What are Flip & Gos? 

These are super hyper turbo MTTs available only at GGPoker. You basically skip all the boring parts where you’re folding substandard hands. Skip grinding and trying to survive the bubble. Instead there’s a way to flip out and start playing standard Hold’em only when you’re already in the money. 

Remind you of something? Full Tilt’s Flipouts maybe from a couple of years back? Except these are different as they offer 30-second decision-making. You choose your stakes, how many starting stacks to begin with and which of the three hole cards you’re going to burn off. Then you just flip your hand against everyone at your table to sprint towards the money phase.

It starts out looking a bit like pineapple because all players get three cards face up. And there's a brief stage where each player selects the two cards they're playing with. You can see what all the other players select too.

Flip and Go Side Bonus

There's a chance to win extra stacks based on your hole cards during the flip stage. If you get a three-card straight, you get a 1x stack multiplier. For a three-card flush, you get double, for three of a kind, you get 3x your stack and for a straight flush you get 4x your stack. You carry your chips with you if you survive the flip round.

Buy-ins and Rewards

Min. Buy-inMax Buy-inRakeGTD (Cash/Buy-ins)
$0.05$0.5$0$5 (500)
$0.5$5$0.01 (6.7%)$50 (333
$3$30$0.10 (5%)$500 (250)
$20$200$1.25 (5%)$2,500 (100)

There are Flip & Go poker games running every 30 minutes. Interested? Here’s how it works step by step.

How to Play Flip & Go Tournaments

  • Step 1: Choose your buy-in: $0.05, $0.5, $3, and $20.
  • Step 2: Choose to play with up to 10 buy-ins (max. 10,000 chips) to get 10x the standard starting stack (which is 1,000 chips)
  • Step 3: You get three hole cards and choose to discard one in 30 seconds as it goes up in flames.
  • Step 4: Play every hand from this point on as all-in or fold, on a 8-handed table, until you get down to one survivor at each table. This is Stage 1 - the “Flip” stage.
  • Step 5: Get extra bonus chips (ranging from one to four buy-ins) added onto your stack if you get a three of a kind, straight, flush or straight flush.
  • Step 6: Last player standing from each table is in the money and carry their chips from the first table with them.
  • Step 7: Now it’s Stage 2 - a regular Hold’em tournament with increasing blinds every 5 minutes until there’s a final winner. Final table is 9-handed.

Yes, it’s an all-in or fold situation, so there is a chance you can bust, but there’s also plenty of opportunity for value. And the most impressive part is the speed of the game - perfect to play when you’re short on time. Because you can potentially cash in a matter of minutes if the flips go your way. And let’s face it, they can swing in either direction - it may as well be you if you’re feeling lucky.

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Collect Your GG Welcome Bonus Too

“If you want to get straight to the hottest action in a tournament, then Flip & Go is for you,” said Daniel Negreanu, GGPoker ambassador.

If you’re new to GGPoker, be sure to follow “PLAY” on this page. You’ll get to enjoy either $100 in free tickets or a 100% match bonus up to $600 on your first deposit. The bonus releases in $10 increments for every 6,000 rake/loyalty points you earn (equivalent to around $60 of play). 

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