EPT Vienna Day 1A/1B: Bits from Behind the Scenes

Natalie Hof, EPT Vienna Ladies Champ.

A field of 900 players and a chip lead for Mads Hansen tell one story of the first couple days of EPT Vienna, but plenty more has transpired.

From the perpetual motion of the staff to the action-packed side events to the stunning location in the heart of the city Season 10's EPT Vienna stop has already been a memorable one.

Our European reporting team has been right in the middle of it and noted a few of the lesser-known moments you might find interesting.

For a full replay of feature-table action from Day 1b today, check the live stream replay. Tune in for Day 2 tomorrow at 12:00 CET.

Bits and Pieces from EPT Vienna Days 1A/!B

- It costs about 60,000 Euro to rent the tournament area in the Hofburg Palace – per day.

- 35 cash-game tables are running with games of NLHE and PLO 2/5 up to 20/40; 25/50 and 50/100 announced for the coming days

zoltan gal photo psblog
Zoltan Gal, Eureka Poker Tour Main Event winner. (Photo: PokerStars blog)

- The OSCE is situated in the Hofburg. They are holding talks about the Crimea crisis right now.

- Michael Eiler, defending champion, played Day 1A and ended with 7700 chips.

- The first official Chinese poker table is in play at EPT Vienna.

- Zoltan Gal from Hungary won the Eureka Main Event on Sunday. He was also the one who suggested a deal heads-up. Chips were: Gal 17.1 million, Freund 11.3 million. Deal was made with €10.000 left for the winner. Gal came 19th at the last Eureka event and 22nd at the last IPT. Last hand Th Td vs 8D 8h pre-flop all-in; Board 6c 7s 7d Kh 6h. The last hand was the fifth hand after the deal.

- Gal decided to celebrate with a “steak dinner”

Not one of two cats, but employed nonetheless.

- Floor Decision of Day 1A (with tournament director Thomas Lamatsch): Question: A Player gets a one orbit penalty, stands up and goes to the bathroom. After the next hand, the table breaks. How do you make sure he’s treated correctly? Answer: A dealer waits for him with the chips and the new table card. When he comes back, the dealer takes him to the new table and makes sure he sits out. Q: What if the player gets a new seat number and misses the blinds twice? Answer: Tough luck, he should have behaved himself.

- There are 125 dealers and 30 additional poker staff working at EPT Vienna. The poker area covers 1500m2. There are about 70 people working in service; the number of security personnel is classified

- On the “Heldenplatz” (heroes' square) in front of the Hofburg, Hitler announced the annexing of Austria in 1938. He was greeted by tens of thousands of people. (After 1945 it turned out they had all been resistance fighters…)

- The number of players in the main event has now reached almost 900, making it one of the biggest EPTs so far. The smallest event for now is the €500 PL 7 Card Stud event with just 35 players. Minimum for a tournament to start is three players.

- The Eureka high roller event was stopped last night with two players left (Eugene Katchalov, Niki Jedlicka). They will play the heads-up final tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 8.30 PM. They will split €277.000.

- The Hofburg has its own wine brand.

Blom is in the building (and on to Day 2).

- Nathalie Hof won the Ladies event (€5325) and thus scored the third win for German players out of seven side events. The other winners were Tamel Kamel (GB), Michael Vojtisek (Czech Republic), Makram Saber (Lebanon), and Brendan Keenan (Ireland)

- Late registration for the Main Event ends tomorrow at 12 AM, at the very beginning of Day 2.

- The Hofburg officially has two cats employed. They were kicked out a while ago to save money (how much did they earn?), but brought back in when mice and rats threatened to take over the palace.

- Floor Decision of Day 1B (with Junior Floor Gaby Sanejstra): A player raises from middle position, it is folded to the big Blind. Dealer overlooks the Big Blind and mucks the raiser's hand. Big Blind calls the floor. Decision: Split pot. the Big blind does not have a chance to announce a move. The initial raiser's hand is in the muck, but he did not violate the rule to protect his hand. The dealer's duty to check if the hand is over comes first.

- Last (unofficial) numbers: 559 players on Day 1B, 317 survivors, total number: 890 players

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