EPT Paris 2024 – 57 Players Remaining

EPT Paris 2024 – 57 Players Remaining

Live poker is hotter than even before folks, and EPT Paris 2024 is proof of this! EPT (the European Poker Tour) has been around since 2004, and recently the tour has broken all sorts of records. In fact, EPT Paris 2024 is the sixth largest EPT ever in terms of entries; it’s also the biggest one ever outside of Barcelona. This is only the second time ever an EPT is held in the French capital, and it’s become evidential that Paris and the Le Palais des Congrès is a fitting location for live poker events.

Day 3 has just concluded in the €5 300 Main Event, and there’s 57 players remaining. Let’s recap what’s been going down in the EPT Paris 2024 Main Event so far!

Familiar Names Hunting the Title

A total of 1,224 unique players decided to take their shot in the €5 300 EPT Paris Main Event, and with a couple of re-entries, the total number of entries was 1,747 when late registration closed a couple levels in of Day 2. This resulted in a €8,385,600 prize pool and the winner will walk away €1,287,800. As we said earlier, this is the sixth biggest EPT of all time.

Approaching the end of Day 2, players were in the money after bubble play had been going on for roughly 20 minutes. Spaniard Ignacio Molina became the unfortunate bubble boy when his jacks were up against a pair of queens. No help on the runout and the remaining 255 players started clapping their hands in pure ITM-joy.

There’s for sure been some recognizable names in the first EPT title of the year. The latest EPT champion Padraig O’Neill – who we were fortunate enough to do an interview with last week – made it into the money, but he busted as 207th. His final opponent in EPT Prague 2023 Jon Kyte also featured in Paris, but the Norwegian didn’t have the cards on his side. When busting out from the Main Event before turning a profit, he registered for the €3 000 Mystery Bounty.

Benjamin “Spragg” Spraggy received €11,400 for his 174th place finish, while EPT London 2015 champion Robin Ylitalo reached a little further, cashing €15,000. Speaking of Swedes, Peter Jörgne is still in the mix, and will return as 9th in chips tomorrow when Day 4 kicks off. Jörgne finished second in EPT Paris 2023, after losing Heads Up against Razvan Belea.

EPT Paris 2024 - €5 300 Main Event Top 9 Payouts

1.€1 287 800
2.€804 750
3.€574 850
4.€442 150
5.€340 100
6.€261 650
7.€201 250
8.€154 800
9.€119 100

57 Players Remaining

A total of 57 players will return to day 4, February 23rd, and Greek Panagiotis Mavritsakis is the current chipleader with roughly three million. Three former EPT Main Event champions are still alive in the tournament: Tom Middleton, Anton Wigg and Dimitar Danchev.

We can’t wait to see who will lift the EPT Paris 2024 trophy! It’s already a legendary event and it will be interesting to see if the other 2024 EPT stops will attract similar entries. Good luck to all 57 players remaining!

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