Marcelo Mesqueu Triumphs in Monte Carlo, First Brazilian to Win EPT Title

Marcelo Mesqueu Triumphs in Monte Carlo, First Brazilian to Win EPT Title

The Brazilian Marcelo Simoes Mesqueu won the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event and became the first player from Brazil to lift a European Poker Tour trophy after he beat the Dane Morten Hvam in the final.

It had been a while. After two years the PokerStars European Poker Tour Monte Carlo was back and the main event is a complete success. With a total of 1,073 entries (747 unique players) the EPT Monte Carlo 2022 was the second largest in history.

Marcelo Simoes
Marcelo Mesqueu

EPT Monte Carlo 2022 Main Event - Key Facts

  • Date: May 2 - 7
  • Place: Monte Carlo
  • Players: 1,073 entries (747 unique players)
  • Buy-in: €4,850 + €450
  • Prize pool: €5,204,050
  • Winner: Marcelo Mesqueu

Second Biggest EPT Monte Carlo Main Event of All Time

After a two-year break due to the pandemic, the European Poker Tour is back this year at the Sporting d'été in Monte Carlo.

The Main Event with a buy-in of €5,300 was the most important poker tournament of this event and the players overran the tables. With 419 entries on Day 1A, 631 on Day 1B, and 24 late registrations on Day 2, a total of 1,073 entries were in the books - the second-highest number of players after EPT Monte Carlo in 2016 with 1,098 entries.

EPT Monte Carlo over the years

This is how player and prize pool numbers at EPT Monte Carlo have developed since 2005:

YearPlayersPrize PoolChampion
20052111,983,400 €Rob Hollink
20062982,801,200 €Jeff Williams
20077066,636,400 €Gavin Griffin
20088428,420,000 €Glen Chorny
20099359,350,000 €Pieter De Korver
20108488,480,000 €Nicolas Chouity
20126656,650,000 €Mohsin Charania
20135315,310,000 €Steve O'Dwyer
20146506,500,000 €Antonio Buonanno
20155645,640,000 €Adrian Mateos
20161,0985,325,300 €Jan Bendik
20177273,525,950 €Raffaele Sorrentino
20187773,768,450 €Nicolas Dumont
20199224,471,700 €Manig Loeser
20221,0735,204,050 €Marcelo Mesqueu
EPT Monte Carlo player numbers since 2005
EPT Monte Carlo player numbers since 2005

Buy-In: [2005 - 2015: €10.300; from 2016: €5.300]
Re-Entry: [2005 - 2018: Freeze-Out; from 2019: Single Re-Entry]

Double Bubble on day 2

Harpreet Gill, one of the two players eliminated at the bubble
Harpreet Gill, one of the two players eliminated at the bubble

In the evening hours of Day 2, the bubble loomed as only 159 players were guaranteed a min-cash. As is common in big tournaments the speed at the tables decreased significantly as the number of remaining players approached the 159 mark. It took almost an hour for 3 players to bust out in 163rd to 161st place.

But then within one instant, the bubble was all over as Harpreet Gill and Ariel Sebban were eliminated almost simultaneously at two different tables. Gill met his fate when he open-jammed for 20 big blinds with tens from the button only be called by Guillaume Diaz in the small blind with aces. Diaz even flopped a full house and sent Gill to rails. Meanwhile across the room, a rather similar hand saw Ariel Sebban eliminated at the same time. He was all-in preflop with jacks against Danny Pyke's kings and got no help from the board. Thus the bubble burst without hand for hand play and all remaining players secured at least a min-cash worth €8,690.

In the following five hours another 70 players were eliminated from the tournament. Among them were Leo Margets (155th), Davidi Kitai (153rd), Christoph Vogelsang (138th), Benjamin Spragg (124th), Rainer Kempe (121st), Fabian Quoss (101st) and Koray Aldemir (94th).

Impressive Run by Ana Marquez

Ana Marquez
Last Woman Standing: Ana Marquez

The following third day of the tournament was a brutal affair for most players as more than 80 percent of the remaining field were eliminated in one day.

Among the casualties was Gaelle Baumann in 60th place (the woman who almost made the WSOP Main Event final table in 2012). She lost all her chips against Morten Hvam when she found herself all-in with K-9 on K-8-6-Flop against the Dane who had her dominated with A-K. The title last woman standing went to Ana Marquez. She bowed out in 26th place when she found herself all-in preflop with A-K against Yannick Cardot's A-A.

Other notable players that hit the rails that day were Sofia Lövgren (53rd) the Germans Ole Schemion (41st)and Jonas Lauck (28th) and Jason Wheeler (19th).

Morten Hvam Dominates the way to the Final Table

Morten Hvam
Morten Hvam

The second to last day saw the Dane Morten Hvam dominate the field. The day began with 16 players and it was played down to the final six. Hvam began with a substantial chip lead and kept it most of the day. He eliminated several players, including Niall Farrell with a draw to a Flush. Both players were all-in after a bet, raise and call on a 9 5 3 flop. Farrell hat a strong overpair with Q Q , but Hvam had outs with J 8 . Turn and river fell 3 and 6 and with the third diamond on the board, Hvam completed his flush and sent the Brit to the rails in 16th place.

Other notable players eliminated right before the final were WSOP-bracelet winner Justin Saliba (15th) and PokerStars Pro Ramon Colillas (7th).

Marcelo Mesqueu Dominates the Final Table

Final Table EPT Monte Carlo 2022
The Final Six

The Final Table was only six-handed and while Morten Hvam started with the lead, the Brazilian Marcelo Mesqueu quickly overtook him. After six hours of play, still all six players remained, but Mesqueu already had more than 50 percent of all chips.

It was in the later evening hours that players started to bust. The first to fall was German Erkan Soenmez who was taken out by Mesqueu. Shortly after Hugo Pingray from France also succumbed to Mesqueu. Morten Hvam took care of the next player when he eliminated the American Jaime Cervantes in 4th place.

After Dragos Trofimov was eliminated in 3rd place the heads-up between Hvam and Mesqueu began. The Brazilian had a sizable 4-1 lead and refused any deal. The two kept playing for a little while but Hvam never got any momentum going and eventually saw himself shoving all-in with a gutshot. Here's how the final hand hand went down: preflop Hvam raised to 2 big blinds with K 10 and Mesqueu made it a bit over 5 big blinds. Hvam called and flopped an inside straight draw on a 9 7 6 board. Mesqueu bet another 4 big blinds and subsequently Hvam moved all-in for a total of roughly 14 big blinds. Mesque insta-called with K K . Turn and river brought 5 and J – no help for the Dane and with this hand the tournament was over.

The 55-year-old Marcelo Simoes Mesqueu became the first Brazilian EPT Champion ever. He took home more than €900,000 during his only second trip to Europe. He already announced he will be coming back to Europe to play the EPT Barcelona in August.

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Images courtesy of Tomáš Stacha

Final Results EPT Monte Carlo 2022 Main Event

#PlayerCountryPrize Money
1Marcelo Simoes MesqueuBrazil€939 840,00
2Morten HvamDenmark€564 640,00
3Dragos TrofimovMoldova€397 590,00
4Jaime CervantesUSA€298 710,00
5Hugo PingrayFrance€228 460,00
6Erkan SoenmezGermany€167 050,00
7Ramon ColillasSpain€125 420,00
8Yannick CardotFrance€89 770,00
9Alejandro RomeroSpain€69 990,00
10Jussi NevanlinnaFinland€58 130,00
11Zhong ChenNetherlands€58 130,00
12Francky MaglioccoFrance€52 090,00
13Ferenc DeakHungary€52 090,00
14Nariman YaghmaiIran€46 890,00
15Justin SalibaUSA€46 890,00
16Niall FarrellUK€41 680,00
17Nicola GriecoItaly€41 680,00
18Marc FogginUK€36 480,00
19Jason WheelerUSA€36 480,00
20Jacques Der MegreditchianFrance€36 480,00
21Fausto TantilloItaly€31 280,00
22Arthur ConanFrance€31 280,00
23Vlado BanicevicMontenegro€31 280,00
24Peter TurmezeyHungary€26 230,00
25Danut ChisuRomania€26 230,00
26Ana MarquezSpain€26 230,00
27Charles-Henri GarneroFrance€26 230,00
28Jonas LauckGermany€22 220,00
29Alexis NicolaiFrance€22 220,00
30Eric SfezFrance€22 220,00
31Jean-Marc CristianiFrance€22 220,00
32Fabien MotteFrance€19 310,00
33Daniel GolderUK€19 310,00
34Shakhabiddin MuradovLatvia€19 310,00
35Flavien MulletFrance€19 310,00
36Aram SargsyanArmenia€19 310,00
37Christophe PanettiSwitzerland€19 310,00
38Nikolai TulinRussia€19 310,00
39Shyngis SatubayevKazakhstan€19 310,00
40Didrik MantorNorway€16 440,00
41Ole SchemionGermany€16 440,00
42Javier GomezSpain€16 440,00
43Andrian SimoneItaly€16 440,00
44Lucas SfezFrance€16 440,00
45Rintaro KagawaJapan€16 440,00
46Stephan SalzmannSwitzerland€16 440,00
47Stefano FerraraItaly€16 440,00
48Laurent ChenetFrance€16 440,00
49Claudio Di GiacomoItaly€16 440,00
50Ariel SebbanFrance€16 440,00
51Mikael GuenniFrance€16 440,00
52David LopezSpain€16 440,00
53Sofia LovgrenSweden€16 440,00
54Julien MartiniFrance€16 440,00
55Pavel VekslerUkraine€16 440,00
56Guillaume DiazFrance€13 790,00
57Terje BremsethNorway€13 790,00
58Kamel AtouiFrance€13 790,00
59Artem KasidinSwitzerland€13 790,00
60Gaelle BaumannFrance€13 790,00
61Christian RotundoItaly€13 790,00
62Inigo Martin NaveiroSpain€13 790,00
63Ramzi KaramLebanon€13 790,00
64Boris KuzmanovicCroatia€13 790,00
65Oliver BoschAustria€13 790,00
66Jérôme ZerbibFrance€13 790,00
67Julien VeyssiereFrance€13 790,00
68Hassan FaresFrance€13 790,00
69Sylvain LoosliFrance€13 790,00
70Dylan LambertSwitzerland€13 790,00
71Quang PhamVietnam€13 790,00
72Alexandros KoloniasGreece€11 550,00
73Tommaso BriottiItaly€11 550,00
74Mikal BlomlieNorway€11 550,00
75Leonard HerrmannGermany€11 550,00
76Arnaud MatternFrance€11 550,00
77Mehdi ChaouiMorocco€11 550,00
78Franz BracherSwitzerland€11 550,00
79Josip SimunicAustria€11 550,00
80Sylvestre CeccaldiFrance€11 550,00
81Andrea RasuloItaly€11 550,00
82Lucien CohenFrance€11 550,00
83Enrico MoscaItaly€11 550,00
84Nicolas JulienFrance€11 550,00
85Demosthenes KiriopoulosCanada€11 550,00
86Mikita BadziakouskiBelarus€11 550,00
87Pierre CalamusaFrance€11 550,00
88Andrew HulmeUK€11 550,00
89Kazuhiko YotsushikaJapan€11 550,00
90Marco RegonaschiItaly€11 550,00
91Ewen TrevidyFrance€11 550,00
92Joseph SabeLebanon€11 550,00
93Oleg BessaevFrance€11 550,00
94Koray AldemirGermany€11 550,00
95Ange BesnainouFrance€11 550,00
96Toru IdaJapan€10 410,00
97Antonin TeisseireFrance€10 410,00
98Jeremy SaderneFrance€10 410,00
99Ermo KoskEstonia€10 410,00
100Andreas BollingGermany€10 410,00
101Fabian QuossGermany€10 410,00
102Nicolas VayssieresFrance€10 410,00
103Leonardo PatacconiItaly€10 410,00
104Ladislao DalfoSpain€10 410,00
105David ComeronSpain€10 410,00
106Mikalai VaskaboinikauBelarus€10 410,00
107Ermanno Di NicolaItaly€10 410,00
108Kent RoedNorway€10 410,00
109Kosei KitanoJapan€10 410,00
110Fady KamarLebanon€10 410,00
111Martin StausholmAustria€10 410,00
112Merijn van RooijNetherlands€10 410,00
113Arnaud PeyrolesFrance€10 410,00
114Jules HamidouSwitzerland€10 410,00
115Miguel CaprilesPortugal€10 410,00
116Daniel RezaeiAustria€10 410,00
117Jonathon DarlingUK€10 410,00
118Stefan SchillhabelGermany€10 410,00
119Tobias AnttilaFinland€10 410,00
120Tom KunzeGermany€9 320,00
121Rainer KempeGermany€9 320,00
122Vahe Ter-KhachatryanArmenia€9 320,00
123Diego ZeiterSwitzerland€9 320,00
124Benjamin SpraggUK€9 320,00
125Dan DjornoFrance€9 320,00
126Duong NguyenVietnam€9 320,00
127Aleksandar TomovicSerbia€9 320,00
128Rafael Moraes Da SilvaBrazil€9 320,00
129Armin RezaeiAustria€9 320,00
130Dmitry SchepkinRussia€9 320,00
131Claas SegebrechtGermany€9 320,00
132Pierrig RobinFrance€9 320,00
133Youness Ait HssainFrance€9 320,00
134Maher NouiraTunisia€9 320,00
135Yuri DzivielevskiBrazil€9 320,00
136Gangzhou HuFrance€9 320,00
137Senol ArdicFrance€9 320,00
138Christoph VogelsangGermany€9 320,00
139Marius LevinskasLithuania€9 320,00
140Alex PefflyUK€9 320,00
141Jean-Philippe PeyratouxFrance€9 320,00
142Laurent VauquelinFrance€9 320,00
143Alexandre ReardFrance€9 320,00
144Julien MarianiFrance€8 690,00
145Alexander TkatschewGermany€8 690,00
146Alexandre AmielFrance€8 690,00
147Wang TinHong Kong€8 690,00
148Henry StrasserCanada€8 690,00
149Michael ChetritFrance€8 690,00
150Csaba BakkHungary€8 690,00
151Massou CohenFrance€8 690,00
152Jon KyteNorway€8 690,00
153Davidi KitaiBelgium€8 690,00
154Krystian WrobelPoland€8 690,00
155Leo MargetsSpain€8 690,00
156Matas CimbolasLithuania€8 690,00
157Timothy AdamsCanada€8 690,00
158Viliyan PetleshkovBulgaria€8 690,00
159Paul HoeferGermany€8 690,00

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