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Enjoy the Shiny New Table Design and Features at Juicy Stakes Poker

Enjoy the Shiny New Table Design and Features at Juicy Stakes Poker

It’s not a coincidence that a theme running through our poker news and articles at PokerListings is how the world of real money online poker manages to tick along so nicely. This is achieved because a number of operators keep striving to come up with the best possible offering - both to appeal to potential new converts in a world that provides so much entertainment, and to retain the interest of existing players. 

Nor is it by accident that Juicy Stakes Poker continues to attract praise for an admirable approach that sees this progressive online poker room constantly moving forwards. And this is with all players in mind, and with no bias towards a specific group or game - each of Texas Hold'em and Omaha cash games, Sit & Go poker and online poker tournaments is monitored and tweaked accordingly. 

The latest focus at Juicy Stakes Poker is on Table Design across the poker platform.    

Poker Tables 2.0  

The visual aspect of online poker is, of course, a vital one. If the display isn’t easy on the eye, informative when necessary and helpful in terms of decision-making, then the overall experience can suffer to the point that players might simply take their custom to another poker room. The ideal scenario is to achieve an environment that makes for a simultaneously smooth and entertaining ride.   

Here’s a breakdown of the changes and improvements that players at Juicy Stakes Poker can look forward to: 

Centric Player Table Seat 

The Player Table Seat feature is aimed at ensuring that, whichever seat you choose, the table itself will rotate to keep you literally in the centre of the action. Find seating settings in the Poker Client under Options - Game - Seating

New Avatars 

Just because online poker is essentially anonymous, it doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself, and this can be done in style at Juicy Stakes Poker thanks to a new, freshly designed set of avatars that let you assume various personalities at the tables. In the Poker Client, go to Options - Game - Avatar.

Juicy Stakes Poker New Avatars

Hand Strength  

Even seasoned grinders appreciate maximum clarity, never mind newcomers and less experienced recreational players, so to make it easier for everyone, Juicy Stakes’ improved hand strength feature is now being prominently placed in the middle of the table. This is good news indeed as poker can be complicated enough, hand after hand, so it’s very useful to be able to comfortably assess your hand strength in order to get on with the more taxing elements of the game. You can toggle the feature on/off in the Poker Client under Options - Graphics

New Winning Hand Display 

Winning isn’t everything, but it’s still something to celebrate, nevertheless! With this in mind, Juicy Stakes Poker are introducing a more eye-catching winning hand display that brings a bit of fun and excitement every time you win a hand. 

New Layout for the Action Button Area 

The action/pre-action buttons have been given a great makeover, complete with a fresh design and a new layout. Fold, Call, Check, Raise (and more) are now easier to access thanks to a new and improved betting slider. 

Play Same Table Type & Buy/Add Chips Buttons 

Convenience is a key factor (and major selling point) in online poker. Thusly, in the top right corner of the tables in the Poker Client you'll find the Play Same Table Type and Buy/Add Chips buttons. You can now seamlessly continue playing at the same table, or effortlessly refill your chip stack. 

New Timing Indicator 

An improved, more visible timer means you can keep in sync with the pace of the game and not find yourself missing out at what can be crucial moments – it's one thing making mistakes or playing badly, but quite another coming up with perfect, inspired poker thinking but being beaten by Father Time... 

New Rebuy and Add-on Button Placement 

Don’t miss out on vital options! Juicy’s Tournament Rebuy/Add-on buttons are being moved to a more prominent, eye-catching placement so that it’s easier to make the most of these opportunities in the limited time allowed. 

Improved Bounty Area 

With Bounty Tournaments all the range nowadays, players need to adjust and be fully aware of the state of play in terms of the bounties on rivals’ heads. It’s important to know what rewards can be had for eliminating this or that player, and this is now much easier at Juicy Stakes Poker due to the enhanced visibility of players’ bounties.  

Change Table Style in Options 

Tastes differ from player to player, so while the new table design is the new default setting, it’s not a problem if you prefer a different look, as you can simply head to Options - Themes - Select Theme to choose your preferred table style. 

Juicy Stakes Poker Table Options

Change Felt/Carpet 

Just like in your lounge (in real life...), you can also set the mood for the virtual poker environment you’ll be sitting in by changing the felt and/or carpet design, which is done either by clicking on the View button or right-clicking on the table for a choice of options. 

So, there you go. Not only is Juicy Stakes Poker undergoing a host of new developments, additions and improvements across the overall offering, but there’s even a shiny new look to the Table features! 

Meanwhile, as far as your day-to-day poker sessions are concerned, you can find the latest online poker bonuses and offers in our regularly updated info section. 

Good luck at the tables, and have fun!

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