durrrr takes $750k from George to wrap challenge

Tom Dwan
Tom Dwan betting $400k with air.

The Full Tilt Poker durrrr Million Dollar Challenge finished up Thursday with Tom "durrrr" Dwan thoroughly thrashing Sammy "any two" George.

After losing just $22,500 to Marcello "luckexpress" Marigliano in the first match, and beating Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies by a slim $68,000 in the second, Dwan took a whopping $750,000 off George in the final match of three at London's Les Ambassadeurs club.

The game was No-Limit Hold'em with a $250,000 buy-in and Dwan dominated from the outset, forcing George to rebuy when his aces held against the Londoner's big slick.

He then pushed George off two pair with a massive $400,000 all-in bet into a more than $130k pot holding nothing but seven-deuce.

The board read A J 6 3 with George holding A 6 to Dwan's 7 2.

After George checked, Dwan led out. George called and when the 3 fell on the river, Dwan simply pushed all in.

The two had a $10,000 seven-deuce prop-bet going, meaning anyone who won a pot and showed seven-deuce would get paid.

As a result, when George couldn't make the call after five minutes in the tank, durrrr showed the bluff.

To be fair, Dwan admitted he would have folded as well.

"I am bluffing with any hand I get to the river with that isn't a pair or better, but it's so rare that I get to the river without a pair, so his fold is pretty reasonable and I would make the same fold just about every time," he explained after the match.

"Once Sammy checked the turn I had to bet in my mind as I thought I was going to win a lot of the time. On the river I might have given up, but on the board-pairing river I think it was an easy shove, as it's so believable that I have a full-house there and Sammy has a tough call with any hand.

"He rarely has a full house and it's likely he just has aces or something like that, so I really like my shove on the river and fortunately Sammy didn't make the hero call. It would have been an absurd call and luckily for me he didn't make it. I was pretty worried for a while that he was going to make it but thankfully it worked out."

George said he almost made the call, but couldn't pull the trigger.

"He either had the nuts or nothing and I was so close to calling," he said. "But you can't in that situation. If I'd called and he has the nut-flush I'm an idiot, if I call and he has air, I'm a hero."

George called the hand a turning point in the match and Dwan's domination continued after as George was forced to rebuy again, finally tapping the mat when he went broke just before the allotted 500 hands were through.

Gracious in victory, Dwan said the cards simply fell his way all night.

"I don't think I played too well today, I just think I happened to get a bunch of hands, like I don't think Sammy played badly, he just happened to be on the wrong side of some tough spots," he said. "It's easy to look like a genius when you have the best hand every time, and easy to not look like one when you get beat every hand."

Matchroom Sports' Eddie Hearn labeled the challenge a success and said there are plans to do it all over again on the other side of the pond in 2010.

"The last three days has been a rollercoaster of swings and emotions at the Full Tilt Poker Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge," said Hearn. "All-in-all, the event was a huge success and we are already in talks to take the challenge to the States early next year."

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software development in london 2009-12-10 16:06:04


Wheres my cut??!!

Jane 2009-11-21 17:50:00

Rather a bit booooooooooring after the Isildur1 showdowns on FTP....to say the least ..

Christopher Manning 2009-11-21 07:06:00

I have to stop reading this stuff. It's going to ruin it when I watch the show

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