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Dive Into the Action of Big Money Poker With the Sunday Majors at PokerStars

Dive Into the Action of Big Money Poker With the Sunday Majors at PokerStars

Real Money Online Poker has established itself among many around the world as a very popular pastime that provides both a great source of entertainment and countless opportunities to make life-changing sums of money in literally hours. However, despite being naturally associated with winning money (that being the ultimate aim of the game), the game tends not to get the recognition it necessarily deserves on that front. It’s become almost taken for granted among players themselves nowadays that there are regular tournaments with nosebleed level prize pools, so it’s good to see PokerStars - arguably the big daddy of online poker operators - make a point of naming a key part of their tournament offering the Sunday Majors.

Not only do poker fans need to wait just a week rather than months or a year for the next big money event to come around but, in a great contrast to the usual sports, they can take part and actually battle it out for fame and fortune and not merely be spectators. This is the beauty of poker – it's the ultimate all-inclusive, everyman (and woman) game that doesn’t in any way discriminate. Indeed, it’s possible to turn pennies into millions...

Multiple Majors in the Same Day at PokerStars

As well as the famous Sunday Million (no prizes for guessing how much money is up for grabs in that one...), PokerStars also hosts other Major No-Limit Hold'em tournaments every Sunday. It’s a veritable feast... These can be found via the Lobby under Online Events > Sunday Majors for the Desktop, and the Tourney tab that’s accessed via the Mobile Lobby.

As we mentioned, the size of your bankroll isn’t a barrier thanks to the PokerStars player-friendly ethos, and Satellites (starting at just a few dollars) run throughout the week for most of the big Sunday tournaments. To find these qualifiers in the desktop software, simply select the Satellite filter, while searching Sunday in the Tourney tab does the job if you’re playing on the Mobile version.

Sunday Kickoff at PokerStars.

The Sunday Kickoff is - surprise, surprise - the first on the Sunday Majors schedule, and the perfect way to start your campaign with a taste of the action.

Meanwhile, there’s the Sunday Warm-Up, which is one of the biggest events in online poker and comes with a guaranteed prize pool to match. The Sunday Storm is characterised by having a low buy-in but big prizes, so is ideal for hobbyists and inexperienced players looking to for an introduction to big money poker.

The aforementioned Sunday Million is the biggest weekly tournament anywhere online and, as such, attracts many players, not least via the comprehensive qualifying set-up.

Sunday Supersonic at PokerStars.

Finally, a very exciting tournament that typifies the edge-of-your-seat thrills and spills the game provides in spades (see what we did there...?!) is the Sunday Supersonic - a hyper-turbo with a hefty guaranteed prize pool that fits a boatload of action into a few hours...

Of course, there’s far more to PokerStars than tournaments on Sundays! To find out more about this and other top online poker rooms, check out our dedicated info section to see the Best Online Poker Bonuses and Offers.

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