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Denis Timofeev Snaps Back to Lead Final Six at PSC Panama

It was one of the last hands of the night.

Chip leader Kenneth Smaron and Denis Timofeev went to the river of an already huge pot.

On a 9♦ 8♣ 2♣ 4♥ J♣ board Timofeev led out for 375,000. Then the American Smaron put him all in with almost 2 million chips.

Timofeev thought it through for a while. In fact, it was a 12-minute hand.

But, eventually, the Russian made the call with just a rivered top pair on a board that allowed both flushes and straights. Smaron tabled T♥ 8♥ for just third pair and lost a huge part of his stack.

On the next hand, former chipleader James Salmon lost his last chips to Timofeev when he pushed in with A♦ 2♣ and was called by A♥ T♠. And thus the final table was set.

Read the full rundown of the day's action here.

robin wozniczek 2

Not bad for first live event.

Wozniczek Lives the Dream

After losing the big chip lead he had coming into the day, Timofeev now again has a comfortable lead.

He has more than one million chips more than second-place Robin Wozniczek from Germany. The computer science student is playing his first live event and is living the dream of the poker hobbyist.

Smaron is still in contention in third place, but he’s another million behind. Jonathan Abdellatif from Belgium is the second European player in the final. With almost 40 big blinds he also still has a shot at the first PSC title in Central America.

The two remaining Canadians, Harpreet Gill and Anthony Diotte, are short-stacked and need to get into the action quickly tomorrow to still have a chance.

The final will start at 1 PM ET. The live stream will come up with a delay to bring you the action with hole cards face up. Here's how they'll line up to begin the final day:

1Denis TimofeevRUS3,905,000
2Robin WozniczekGER2,865,000
3Kenneth SmaronUS1,855,000
4Jonathan AbdellatifBEL1,155,000
5Harpreet GillCAN735,000
6Anthony DiotteCAN465,000

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