Daily 3-Bet: Sergio Masters, Westbrook Grinds, AI Mashes

sergio garcia 3
Your 2017 Masters champion!

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a jab step, a Shammgod dribble and a vicious one-hander right on top of the slow-rotating afternoon poker news big man.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Sergio Garcia finally getting his Major win, Russell Westbrook preps himself for NBA history and another poker AI thumps us again.

1) Sergio Wins!

If you've been a visitor to or watcher of PokerStars' annual Caribbean Adventure (now the PokerStars Championship Bahamas), you'll know a frequent guest of the host company has been golfer Sergio Garcia.

Sergio Garcia
Patience, focus pay off.

With many skills applicable to both tasks - patience, strategy, focus - Garcia calls poker 'the perfect respite from golf' and he's been a regular at the felt since 2008.

While he's picked up some noticeable chops at the game his meal ticket is, of course, still golf and he finally knocked off a huge career milestone yesterday.

The 37-year-old Spaniard claimed his first Major title - the 2017 Masters - to shed the label of 'best player never to win a major."

Much like poker and its "best player without a WSOP bracelet' club, it might not be a fair benchmark to impose but it must certainly feel like a weight removed when it happens.

As Garcia has been a regular at the PCA for so long he's also picked up more than a few poker pals who Tweeted their congratulations to him yesterday.

One of those big fans, in fact, is Daniel Weinman who also picked up a big win yesterday. Congrats to both!

2) RW44 Grinds $30/$60 Limit before Record Triple-Double

Poker don't lie.

Speaking of world-class athletes who like to unwind/challenge themselves at the poker table ...

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook has electrified the NBA this year with a statistical rampage unseen in the modern era.

Since the departure of Kevin Durant for Golden State RW44 has been a one-man wrecking crew for the Thunder and posting eye-popping stat lines over and over again.

Westbrook broke Oscar Robertson's record of 41 triple-doubles in a season on Sunday night in Denver with a scintillating 50-point, 16-rebound, 10-assist masterpiece that included a 36-foot 3 at the buzzer to win it. 

What did he do the night before to get himself in the right frame of mind?

Grind some $30/$60 Limit at the Ameristar Black Hawk casino obv:

No less than Phil Hellmuth has said Westbrook is a pro-level poker player before so we're not too surprised he likes to get some hands in when he can.

It's also becoming pretty obvious if you want to take your main skill to the next level, playing some poker clearly gives you some extra juice. If you bump into Kris Bryant this summer, give him a heads-up. 

3) Lengpudashi Thrashes Pros in 5-Day Challenge

We don't know the exact final margin of victory poker AI 'Lengpudashi' put on five poker pros this past week in China yet - just that it was enough to call it a landslide win.

Supercomputer Bridges and Nick Nystrom Senior Director of Research at Pittsburh Supercomputing Center Andrew Russell Tribune Review
Supercomputer for days.

Sigh. While we're not surprised per se it is slightly disheartening that even the "brother" of soul crusher AI Libratus is already that good.

Bracelet winner Alan Du, who led the human team, says they even tried to stack the team with a former Oracle engineer and startup entrepreneurs who understand both machine intelligence and game theory and it still wasn't enough.

Turns out our one purported advantage over Ais - bluffing - is also a myth:

“People have a misunderstanding of what computers and people are each good at," said Noam Brown, co-developer of Libratus. "People think that bluffing is very human -- it turns out that’s not true.

"A computer can learn from experience that if it has a weak hand and it bluffs, it can make more money.”

 Sigh, again. At least we still have tilt all to ourselves. More on the latest challenge here.

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