Daily 3-Bet: RedBaron Blazes, How Russians Bluff, Charlo’s Web

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an X on the floor, all the cameras pointed at you and one shot to make afternoon poker news history.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find OtB_RedBaron flying off into the sunset after an impressive WCOOP victory, Anatoly Filatov explains how (and how often) Russian poker players bluff and Charlo Greene wins the Internet.

1) OtB_RedBaron Scores for Belgium

We'll spare you any more fighter pilot themed word play (even though they it is awesome) and cut right to the chase.

Want to win poker friends and convince people you've made the right decision picking poker as a career? Win one of the toughest events imaginable in the game against, give or take, the 64 best HU poker players in the world.

Dan Kelly
DJK: Gunned down by RedBaron in semis.

OtB_RedBaron, whichever Belgian you might be, we salute you. The final results and payouts of the $10k WCOOP Heads-Up:

WCOOP-44: $10,300 NLHE [High Roller, Heads-Up]

  • Entrants: 64
  • Prizepool:$640,000
  • Places paid: 8
  • 1. OtB_RedBaron (Belgium) $224,000
  • 2. ForTheSwaRMm (Hong Kong) $128,000
  • 3. Ben "Ben86" Tollerene (Canada) $64,000
  • 4. Dan "djk123" Kelly (Australia) $64,000
  • 5. Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky (Canada) $40,000
  • 6. OLD TIME GIN (Canada) $40,000
  • 7. SayNo2Racism (Russia) $40,000
  • 8. FMyLife (United Kingdom) $40,000

For a full recap and more from the ongoing WCOOP, check the PokerStars blog.

2) “When Russians Start to Bluff, They Can’t Stop"

We selected Russian young gun Anatoly Filatov as one of the finalists for our Spirit of Poker Rising Star Award for a lot of reasons, not the least of which were his great results, a passion for poker, a gregarious personality, a touch of sartorialism and a willingness to speak his mind.

All of those are on display in another great in-depth interview by Remko Rinkema over at iGaming.org. Rinkema sat down with Filatov prior to EPT Barcelona to talk about what separates him from most Russian players, his growing coaching stable and more.

Alexander Kravchenko
Trying to figure out if a Russian's got it? He probably doesn't.

Plenty of great bits to be had in it -- in particular this on how most Russian players think through bluffing:

“When Russians start to bluff, they can’t stop. Daniel Negreanu said one time that if Russians didn’t bluff so much they would win every tournament. We just love to bluff, and show the biggest bluffs, because that’s our reason for liking poker.

"I’m not sure why that is, but it’s probably part of the Russian character, and perhaps a little bit of ego. We always try to break the rules and do something crazy.

“If you look at it like that I’m not really a Russian, because I don’t drink alcohol and I never smoke. A lot of players do all that, so I’m maybe a little bit boring if you want to go out and party. I think most Russians drink like they bluff, which is a lot."

So, now you know. Take that into consideration next time you find a Russian at your table.

3) Charlo Greene Wins Internet, PPA Take Note

The expression "wins the Internet" gets used a lot these days but if you ever want to create a viral sensation AND blow your business up AND bring attention to a political issue you're passionate about, Charlo Greene just delivered a masterclass.

Poker Players Alliance - here's the template. Now someone just needs to get a job as a TV reporter ...

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