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Daily 3-Bet: Luckboxes.tv, Outrunning Jesus, Maria v. Kitty

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an in-house sushi chef, a NASA-worthy grind room and all the basic afternoon poker news math needed to stack some major donks.

Have something you'd like to see in a future 3-Bet? Drop us a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find the online poker TV show we've always wanted, a mini-WCOOP run from the gods and a gaggle of GPL stars back in action.

1) 'Let's Go Stack Some Donks'

Is this the TV show about online poker we've all been waiting for? With the Silicon Valley vibe and incredible look of the trailer ... it just might be.

"An Original Series About Hitting It Big," Luckboxes is Bet Raise Fold director Ryan Firpo's new scripted comedy series about two brothers trying to save their childhood home from foreclosure via online poker circa 2009.

Executive Producers include no less than Jason Somerville. Here's the backstory:

"In 2013, Los Angeles-based filmmaker Ryan Firpo directed BET RAISE FOLD, a feature-length documentary about the rise and fall of the online poker industry.

"He was exposed to an eccentric subculture of former athletes and computer nerds who won and lost millions of dollars on a weekly basis playing online poker - all before their 21st birthdays.

"Upon completion, he began developing a scripted comedy series inspired by the bizarre characters and wild stories he experienced along the way. LUCKBOXES is a fictitious re-telling of the 'online poker story' filled with fortune, fame, humor and heart.

"LUCKBOXES is being developed as a 30-minute comedy series for streaming/cable. The pilot was completed in September, 2016 (total run-time: 28 min)."

We really, really hope this becomes a thing. Props for the great online poker nods in the character names too including Ariel (aka FoxwoodsFiend), durp and Cates.

2) Ethanolol Outruns 30,000, Goes Back-to-Back in Mini-WCOOP

Ever outrun almost 19,000 players in an online tournament of any sort, in any era? How about 12,000, even? 

How about doing both in events you registered within 90 minutes of each other?

That's the almost incomprehensible reality for PokerStars player ethanolol, aka Iwan Robert, a 34-year-old nurse from France, who did exactly that last week.

Robert bought into mini-WCOOP Events #27 and #28 and, unbelievably, won both to collect $15,000 on $13 in buy-ins. 

He won Event #27, a $2 buy-in (!) over 18,856 players for $3,500+ and Event #28, an $11 buy-in with just under 12k players for over $11k after a deal.

Kaboom! Here's PokerStars pro Jason Somerville's reaction:

Here's how Robert described it to the PokerStars blog:

"I ran like Jesus. I was in the zone. Nothing could reach me. A very strange feeling."

Sounds about right. Except that Jesus probably doesn't even run that good. Read Iwan's full story here.

3) Maria + Kitty + Xuan + Jason + Byron + Scott

The Global Poker League resumed its inaugural season this morning with some new tweaks and a solid pair of 6-Max matches won by Berlin Bear Dominik Nitsche and Hong Kong Star Guo Dong, respectively.

The second set of matches, this time in the Americas Conference, is about to fire up and will feature a gaggle of stars that include two Battle of Malta favs in Maria Ho and Kitty Kuo along with the legend Jason Mercier, high-roller and WPT crusher Byron Kaverman and Easy Gamer Xuan Liu.

Also: There will be Scott Ball! Watch the action on the newly designed GPL table by clicking the pic below:


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