Daily 3-Bet: Chafak Reads Bilzerian, Cates Wins REG, New PL App

Sara Chafak
Sara Chafak

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a belated love letter to the mid-afternoon poker news world from a hopelessly naive romantic.

Suggestions for future 3-Bet pieces are welcome in the comments section below.

In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Miss Finland Sara Chafak giving her honest assessment of Dan Bilzerian, Dan Cates winning a charity event and the brand-new PokerListings app.

1) Chafak on Bilzerian: “Seems Like Broken-Heart Story”

Needs a hug?

And now a different take on the gun-totting, pornstar-throwing, musclebound Dan Bilzerian.

Recent Shark Cage star Sara Chafak thinks Bilzerian is heartbroken according to a recent interview she did with PokerListings.

Sara Chafak: I have this picture of a vulnerable guy, whose heart was once broken in the worst way possible. He is just processing those feelings by thinking women are just simply pieces of meat, nothing else. It’s like he’s at a meat shop choosing “you, you and you will come along with me.”

I am sure that under the hard shelf there is sweet little person inside. I’m not sure of course and can’t swear on it. (laughs)

It might be that he has bigger issues with himself. However the picture I have of him is that he has a big broken heart – and he is just replacing those feeling he has inside with money, show business and building a reputation... being overly-manly, macho and burning money… All that one can get from publicity. It just seems to me like a normal “broken heart story.”

2) Dan “Jungleman” Cates Wins REG Charity Event

Dan Cates has been quietly compiling a very solid year with an Alpha8 win for $500k and a second place in the EPT Grand Final $100k High Roller for $1.7 million.

Well Cates just won arguably the most important tournament of the year: The first-ever REGcharity event at Aria last night with proceeds going towards GiveWell.org.

Dan Cates
It's Dan's time!

There’s no word on whether Cates actually won anything individually for his efforts but REG and GiveWell.org were certainly the true winners.

Of course you don’t have to be the jungleman to give to an amazing charity. You can just head over to the REG website to learn more.

It’s worth noting that Cates is also up $2.8 million online this year so it’s safe to say 2014 has been kind to him.

Meanwhile time hasn’t been as kind to some of Cates’ online contemporaries such as Tom Dwan, who has pretty much dropped off the poker map at this point. Simply still being around in online poker is a massive achievement.

3) PokerListings Launches All-in Poker Guide App on iOS, Android

We don’t like to toot our horn (OK, we do, in fact we love tooting any horn) but we just released the PokerListings “All-in Poker Guide” to the iPad and Android tablets.

The Poker Guide app features a variety of our news and strategy content as well as promos for various poker sites.

You’ll be able to find the completely free new app if you search “All-in Poker Guide” on the App Store for iOS or just search “PokerListings” on Google Play for Android.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find:

all in poker guide

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