Daily 3-Bet: Barcelona Fallout, Hand Ranking Fail, Trueteller Tell-All

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at the horrific attack in Barcelona and its ramifications for PSC Barcelona, an NJ lottery fail and a Timofey 'Trueteller' Kuznetsov interview.

1) PSC Barcelona Goes On

We generally like to keep the 3-Bet lighthearted with various tidbits and clips from the poker world but it would be impossible to ignore the tragedy that occurred in Barcelona yesterday.


If you haven’t heard, a van plowed into a crowd of pedestrians and left 13 people dead with more than 100 injured. ISIS has since claimed responsibility for the attack.

There’s a connection to the poker, as well, as PokerStars was in the midst of hosting its latest National Championship in the city as part of PSC Barcelona.

Poker pros from around the world quickly updated to their Twitter status to let everyone know they were safe.

There was one poker player, however, who was actually injured. Danish poker pro Claus Vallø told the Danish media his ankle was cut in the attack and he saw someone get hit first-hand.

Incredibly Vallø was in Phuket, Thailand, when the Tsunami struck in 2004 so it wasn’t his first time seeing a tragedy unfold on a large scale.

Meanwhile PokerStars has released a statement saying that, as of right now, tournaments will go forward as planned in Barcelona although players will be allowed to unregister and receive refunds if they choose.

Stay safe everyone.

Here’s the complete PokerStars statement:

2) Epic NJ Lottery Poker Hand Ranking Fail

Poker is often used as a gambling vehicle with incredibly popular casino games like Three-Card Hold’em and Pai Gow.

Wait, who wins?

The game is also used for various scratch and win tickets and lotteries. Those games have little to do with actual poker except for the hand rankings.

A recent game offered by the New Jersey lottery didn’t even follow those basic rules and got itself into trouble this week.

The game, called High Card Poker, essentially didn’t fully utilize a five-card hand. Instead players had to have a higher top card against the dealer and the rest of the cards that made up the hand didn’t matter.

According to NJ.com, Robert Chalet, of Bloomfield, bought a $5 ticket and thought he won $150,000 before the company announced he had a draw and only a $10 prize.

The NJ has since pulled the game from shelves. This seems like a good lesson for enterprising casinos looking to make a new poker gambling game: Follow the hand rankings.

3) Paul Phua Interviews Timofey 'Trueteller' Kuznetsov

Russian Timofey 'Trueteller' Kuznetsov is one of the biggest online winners ever but he’s also been notoriously hard to interview.

Fortunately businessman/poker pro Paul Phua doesn’t seem to have the same problems as the rest of the poker media as he’s been scooping interviews with high-stakes icons Dan "jungleman" CatesDan ColmanTom Dwan and Phil Ivey over the last few years.

His latest video is with Kuznetsov and it’s a great one. The young Russian seems to have a real passion for playing high-stakes with his standout quote: “I find it fun to fight my own fears.”

Check it out below:

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