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Daily 3-Bet: €1.4m BCN Cheddar, Koon Kaboom, Father Hellmuth

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a kitchen table, a glass of milk and a life-changing afternoon poker news heart-to-heart with Pops.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find some major cheese on the line at EPT Barcelona, Jason Koon makes up for his SHR losses and how Phil Hellmuth taught his kids about poker.

1) €1.4m Up Top in EPT Barcelona Main

With a record 1,694-player field it was pretty obvious the payouts in the 2015 EPT Barcelona Main event were going to be eye-popping.

Stacks on stacks.

They are.

Despite a delay in announcing the prize pool until just 20% of the field were left the numbers came in earlier today and there will be some very happy poker players leaving BCN this weekend.

A staggering €1,420,000 sits up top for the winner of the kickoff event to EPT Season 12 - given no chop, of course. The runner-up will grab €796,100.

If the lucky winner also happens to live in a country where the currency is worth less than the Euro it'll be even more of a windfall.

For example €1.4m = $2,107,958 in Canadian dollars. Or 35,849,414,900.25 in Vietnamese Dong. Official final-table payouts:

1. €1,420,500
2. €796,100
3. €557,900
4. €405,100
5. €320,400
6. €253,900
7. €194,100
8. €137,080

Around 150 players are left as of press time and you catch it all play out on the feature-table live stream.

2) Jason Koon Ready (and Rolled) for WCOOP

He may have suffered a $661k setback over one week this summer in Vegas but Jason Koon still knows how to make real money in online poker.

Lots and lots of money.

3) Hellmuth to Kids: "Start Talking and Smile"

Phil Hellmuth
Smile, boys.

Ever wonder what kind of advice Phil Hellmuth has given his sons, now 22 and 24, about how to play poker?

We haven't but Fatherly.com did so they went ahead and asked him as part of its 940 Saturdays series. They also called him the "Winningest Poker Player Alive," which, kind of. But still.

So what did he teach them?

Play Fish, War, Hearts and Spades, for starters. Then 5-card stud or draw poker. Bet with candy or nuts. And smile if you think someone is trying to read you.

That's what he said.

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